Antagonist suggestions

I thought I would throw together some suggestions I have for the various antagonists into one thread. Feel free to debate them all, and tell me what you think. I’ll probably add more stuff as I think of it.

Blood brothers: Nothing huge. I feel you should have a little more information round start though, at very least their job. You would think a dynamic duo would at least know what their partner would be doing. Would make it a bit easier to find your bro, and plan more.

Changlings: Remove team changling. I understand the idea, since assimilating an entire department is cool and all, but I feel this one borders on raggin mages levels of power, since they can literally cover eachother and constantly revive. This obviously won’t stop regular lings from teaming up, but I don’t see that as much of an issue, since lings some times have competing objectives, so there is at very least the risk of a backstab.

Wizard: Let me spell it out for you all (pun intended). I feel wizard suffers from a lack of offensive spells, or rather, they’re all dull in comparison to one very specific spell. I am of course referring to fireball. Now, I know wizard 101 is that fireballs are awesome, but I seriously wonder why we have things like “magic barrage,” “lightning blast,” or that spell that summons guns in your hand at such high prices compared to this one. I see very little reason to spend 3 whole spell points on spells with significantly higher cooldowns, no stun effects, and the fact that all three of these require robes. Mean while, fireball crits people in one or two shots, stuns, deafens, and leaves them completely open to attacks for like 10-15 seconds. I propose lowering the price of these other spells, or raising the price of fireball a point. Also, would be cool if some one added an ice beam spell that freezes people and does burn damage.

Traitors: Some of their items seem to have very little reason for use. Some of them are rarely used for different reasons, most of them are just because they aren’t as interesting, but others because the alternative items are better. A good example are EMPs and radio jammer, which I’ve gone over before. However, I’m not going to restart that topic, so lets go over a different one.

The power fist. You would think this would be a great pick, but in all honesty, I’d take a baseball bat over this thing. A melee weapon that uses ammo, provides no protection, and is easy to disarm is honestly not that great. Now then, I have a few ideas for this one. First, I’d suggest giving it a built in lock in mechanism (Similar to that one implant that prevents you from dropping stuff). It could still be stripped off your arm, but you can’t just get shoved and drop it. Second, lets give it more upgrades and interactions with different items on the station. For instance, we could add in the default air tank to give it the super punches, but we could also add in power cables and a wire to electrocute people as well, or add iron bars to make it launch spikes at people, similar to a pneumatic cannon. That could actually make it justify a price increase, and it may actually be used, instead of everyone settling for the e sword instead.

Holoparasites: I think the user of the gravity holoparasite should be immune to the knock back explosion that the holoparasite uses. You could increase the cooldown on the explosion if that’s a bit too powerful.

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literally just pda them, no one checks the message console anyway

They can but in 99% of circumstances they won’t. Have you seen Changelings try to coordinate? They’re even less trusting than traitors are. If they somehow come together to cover each others asses then good on them. On higher ling-populations some of them aren’t team lings, or have ‘absorb another changeling’ objs, or just dont help with the objectives at all.

fireball can basically kill you if you do it too close or panic, 90% of other purchases are completely safe to use, or serve some supplementary purpose (or just deal high damage). I do agree with this one overall though, since more wizard spells is always nice, and as someone who once chose nothing but the card spell, some of the spells are seriously ineffective for their price (or just fucking worthless, looking at you card spell).

The power fist is much stronger than people give it credit for (especially at 6TC), but it’s unwieldly, which for traitors just ain’t very good - though that’s the trade off I suppose. With a bag of holding you can unlock its true robust power.

Yeah some of them have a very specific use case, or are for a very specific traitor playstyle - which is kinda good, since just seeing all the items there could inspire people to think more creatively.
Some have also been nerfed due to munchkinnery in the past (Smuggler’s Satchel) or just don’t work (Camera Bug, at least from when I last tested).

yea get that fuckin thing’s price down. I could buy 5 C-4 for that and just break telecomms outright.

Considering how hosts are generally immune to the holopara’s fuckery (like the Chaos para’s fire) it’s a bit weird that they aren’t, though I suppose I can understand it.

now I actually give my one suggestion

  • Porting the /tg/ Contract Kit. Ways to earn TC always tend to be fun, and it can reward robust traitoring.

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I thought they were planning on porting contract kit, but they never ended up doing it.

I know you can just PDA them, but I still think you should have a little more info round start on your BB. For two operatives who are working together, they don’t know a lot about each other.

Eh, I still don’t like the idea of team changling. Considering they basically have a psychic chat with no counter (aside from pumping BZ into the air, but that rarely ever happens) or tells, it’s not hard for them to murderbone the entire station, which I’ve seen in the past.

I’m aware that fireball can kill you at close range, which is why I only suggested lowering the price of these other ones. Also the only reason I still think it’s fine being a robeless spell, since their is significant risk in using it. I just think fireball is considerably more powerful than most other offensive spells, since distance isn’t really an issue for a loud wizard, (he’ll have at least one spell to distance himself from others) and it literally just crits and disables any one it hits, all with a six second cooldown, compared to say, 20 seconds in lightning blast. Main things I would do are lower the prices of the three offensive spells I listed, and increase the cooldown on fireball a bit (maybe 8-10 seconds). Also, throw cards is a freaking meme. They should either buff that significantly, (maybe give them randomized effects on hit, or just boost the damage) or just remove it.

Eh, that’s kind of my point on the powerfist. It’s too unwieldy to be used super effectively, and considering the fact that it’s the only melee weapon with an ammo count, (aside from welders) I feel it’s too weak to justify how unwieldy it can be, since you need to carry several oxygen tanks to use it effectively. Even baseball bat is better, in my opinion, and it’s almost free.

I’m fine with some items having a very specific niche, but a few of them seem a little TOO specific at times, or just full on fail compared to other items, or things you can find on the station. Still, most of them just aren’t used to their full potential, so I’m fine with most of them.

You can also buy a 2 TC EMP kit that does everything radio jammer does and more. Seriously think EMP items should be nerfed a bit (EMP implant made it’s own, more expensive item, raise the price of EMP grenades and EMP flash light, ETC) and lower the price of the radio jammer.

Eh… Gravity holoparasite feels like it’s supposed to be one of the three crowd control holoparasites, (the other two being lightning and chaos) but in reality, it ends up hurting it’s user just as much as it hurts others. Considering it’s weaker in melee and defense than some of the others, I feel it could use a little buff to it’s ability.

I probably don’t even need to add this one on to the suggestions, but I will any way.

Lightning holoparasite is borked, and leaves chain lightning on death. We all know what I’m talking about.

Probably should get fixed at some point, but I’m no coder, so I assume it’s either super difficulty, or some one was just really lazy.

We need a minigun, because reasons. Don’t say LMG, it’s not the same.

Ok, actual suggestion. Calatrops would be a decent traitor item. Lower cost, (2-5 TC) grants you a box that can be used to throw out a bunch of small, sharp calatrops. Any one wearing normal shoes will be hurt and tripped, people with active magboots and no slips will be able to walk across, but still take damage. Shouldn’t be too severe on damage, but something to consider.

Also, sonic hand cannon when? Just kidding, that would probably be too op, considering the way other sonic weapons work in this game.

ling autism screech is already freaking reviled as it is