Antag Token Auction

hello yes I have 3 antag tokens that I am never planning on using and I would like to sell them so I can save up money to buy a actually it’s not important what I’m gonna buy so I’m not gonna say but I really need the money so please place your bids below and also you can only buy all 3 of them at a time no buying individuals p.s. don’t let daddy crossed see this post or he will take my antag tokens thanks - qwerty

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1 kromer for all three


one borgir final offer

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I offer you 17.235 Kromer (big $$$)

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Final offer


Give me those 3 antag tokens and I will give you 3 beautiful pictures of my hairy feet.


One vs match in Osu


How about 600 in game Kredits? (200 for each antag token)

It’s non-negotiable.


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If you give them to me for free I promise to use them only on custom antags that must steal shoes

i have 7 beecoins will that cover?

i’ll mail you a ruined sock, my ruined one-peice and 50 kromer

3 kromer^2
Can’t beat such a big bid

3.5 kromer^2
beat that

1 invite to beestation discord

I’ll give you legal permission to make a kiera body pillow


I will erp you if you give me them (i wont actually)

I will offer a mystery steam key, could be a AAA game or a triple A garbage game

I have acquired 1357 kromer and I am willing to trade away all of it for your antag tokens.
(kromer value plummets fast)