Antag gimmick store

I think itd cool to add a tab on the uplink store that for 20tc you can purchase a gimmick package including various things, 2 examples could be:

The titular Bee-Man, this could include his classic syringe gun and the beesease, costume and maybe some other bits and odds (hive flooring included to create a base of course)

Mad doctor: surgical tools, operating comp board and table board, medical outfit, maybe some miscellaneous chems or toxins, etc

Just some examples but i think this idea could really help newer or scared antags (or bored or uncertain) to break out and try something new

What other gimmick ideas could be fun?


Yeah i use those i thought the idea of someone being able to pick a gimmick instead though would encourage the rp instead of “i hope i can make a gimmick out of this”

Or at the bare minimum a 0Tc that just prints a piece of paper with a randomized gimmick idea

The point of the idea is a randomizer may scare away new antags or antags that don’t feel like they get to be a Traitor often. Something like this that clearly states what is in the gimmick bix could encourage them to lean into something they like or enjoy

have you ever heard of gimmick objectives

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Indeed and i stand by my same point as before: the ability to choose a gimmick to lean into tends to encourage people more to RP then being given an optional objective that they didn’t choose and just having to figure it out or ignore it altogether because they dont know how to go about it/are scared of being caught

Bee-man sweep. Seriously though this is just the syndiekit special with extra steps. The random element is what makes it fun (I just happen to keep rolling the bee-man kit)

I love Bee-Man, he will forever bee my greatest nemesis as a virologist

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you know you can just make your own gimmicks up right? there’s no need for a mechanical incentive to roleplay

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I asked 40 syndicate keys from ahelp with 20 TC, and distributed these to crews, by calling you’re invited to the secret talk club.
Later, sec noticed it, but they gave up to confiscate these because 40 syndi keys were wacky to control beyond their affordance.
I might want to see this crazy bulk purchase as in-game system.

Yes i am aware, i think this is a good idea to help antags too scared to do anything that might get them caught or help new antags do something fun.

I intended this as a means to help those who want to do gimmicks but are scared or have trouble thinking of them, not as a “nobody RPs or gimmicks so here” kind of thing

What would your suggestion for getting new antags or those worried about breaking out, to try out fun new gimmicks

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