Antag banned by rkvothe14

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Antagonist ban
Ban Length:
7 days
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
33 831
Ban Reason:
Even if other people are falling for your validhunt bait, you’re still not playing with the antag conduct you should while playing as changeling. Take a bit of time off antag roles and come back with a fresher mindset.
Appeal Reason:
No rules were broken and admin failed to point out any rules broken during the ticket. I consider this ban to be completly in error. Additionaly judging by ban reason it creates a dangerous precendce where players are banned for “validhunt bait” rather than validhunters being punished

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Validhunt bait is more like antags slicing crew member once or twice to force them to retaliate and attack back, after which antag gets “free pass to kill validhunter”

Taken directly from rules

Normal crewmembers are not experienced soldiers. You should generally call for help, rather than intervening directly.

  • This means no valid-hunting.
  • You should generally attempt to flee from combat or dangerous situations.
  • You can be involved in minor physical altercations between crewmembers that result from roleplay
  • Security are always permitted to charge into danger, but should not be carrying items outside of the scope of their job the same as other crew.
  • Heads of staff are permitted to defend their own department and subordinates, but should not be patrolling the station for threats unless there is no security.

You cant flee while being stabbed mate

Past history was taken into account for this antag ban.

I consider your actions of standing on the hallways with your arm out as validhunt baiting. Validhunters are also in the wrong here, but that does not mean that you have a free pass to provoke it. Ultimately, even if not validhunted or attacked by other non-sec crew, you’re still creating unecessary witnesses, which can be considered as murderboning.

You did say that you didn’t care about killing witnesses, but in the end, creating witnesses means more people will be out to get you, them being security officers or validhunters.

You will need to wait for an admin to look into this appeal.


Uh, you might want to update rules on that, i do that whenever i want a challange from crew and sec or to taunt them, when did that become a bannable offense?

Murderboning is not permitted unless approved by an admin directly (Murderboning is defined as the indiscriminate killing of multiple parties who are not a threat)

Intentionally creating additional witnesses as an excuse to kill them will be considered murderboning.

Antagonist conduct R13.

I have witnessed you, every single round that you roll antag, wear openly syndie gear/ling armblade/ling armor, rushing to kill off all of sec before even touching your objectives, taking the fight to hallways and killing any sort of bystanders (even medics trying to run away), then proceeding to finish your objectives in whatever department still wearing openly your gear and murdering half the station.

Obviously, you also did your best to permanently remove anyone you killed, or at least severely delay their revival (husk, space, debrain, cremation).

This also doesn’t include the insane amounts of times you attacked people who just happened by a mass murder scene in hallways. And killed them. And removed them from the round.

I still remember that one gimmick you had where you baited a lot of sec into chapel/maints above chapel, then proceeded to cremate ANYONE you killed instantly.

You also often complain about validhunting (anyone who kills you but isn’t sec), for someone who intentionally gets people to attack you (rushing towards them, attacking everyone in your way and making people want to defend themselves, literally taking over the station).

Once, you built an entire meatspike farm in maints then proceeded to rage in dchat and forums due to validhunting because you could not permanently kill a bunch of security/crewmembers.

And, everytime I personally confronted you with the fact your antag behavior is outright terrible and toxic - you responded with " i don’t care, it’s an antag’s goal to be a cunt - and i round remove people because i’d be round removed myself if i was caught lol, if you disagree stop playing on beestation"

I sincerely believe, from someone who legitimately appreciated you a lot before i saw your antag plays, that you are an extremely toxic antag player and you need this time to cool down and reflect on this.

To make this a non peanut post, I can try and provide round IDs to most of what I commented on (I often went in salt mines or general to complain about solomon’s behaviors, so i could link the timestamps with ooc announcements about new rounds) if need be.


Already on the rules:

Intentionally creating additional witnesses as an excuse to kill them will be considered murderboning.

Sure but how do you know they are creating witnesses to kill them? As i said i do that for taunting and I’d feel pretty confused if that was disallowed

My statement above might have been overreading the rules, and you’re correct it may be confusing. In any case, I still stand on the grounds that past history also played a part on this ban.

Let’s wait for an admin to go over the appeal.

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I always interpereted this rule as a situation where you kill somebody in public just to make people who saw you valid to kill and thus create endless cycle of players valid to kill as you kill witness witnessing a witness being killed and etc. This is not what has occured here. As you say i believe best this case is reviewed by an administrator.

Perhaps can also be explained as a traitor walking around main hallway with esword and then later hunting down everyone who saw him because “witness”

If you believe i have broken rules i urge you to make a player report with details describing events and rules broken. Your post feels very salty and very much a peanut personnal attack. Have a great day!

Isn’t that what you did? Our moderator alleges that you stood in the hallway with your armblade out to bait people into hunting you.


I passed hallways few times with an armblade however i did not go around attacking everyone for “being a witness” and simply quickly passed by. As i already said to moderator i dont care about witness and only act against those who attempt to interfere with my affairs. There are no rules requiring that antagonists should be acting stealthily and there is no mention of “validbaiting” - in fact rules state that crew members should avoid danger. Nothing during the round has occured to warrant a ban and whole situation feels to me like “i cannot find any rules broken but i dont like your mindset so here is a ban anyway”


Not to approve of what he did, but constantly going armblade in and out costs chemicals and it can be crucial if your chemical count is low when a secoff might pop out of any corner and batong you, its not odd he’d walk around with armblade.

Just want to make this clearer: past history weighed into the ban, not only what transpired over this singular shift.

This is not the first time something like this has happened while you were a non-murderbone antag.


I understand it may be confusing, but I’ve already addressed it in the thread and I’m not going to repeat myself.

Going loud or having a gimmick is alright. The problem here is how the player approaches being an antag, and their mindset when playing as one. Their play style ends up being only fun for themselves, and not the rest of the players.


So you basically confirm ban is not based on existing rules but rather on your vague feeling “i have wrong mindset”. You cannot ban people for “having wrong mindset” - its outrageous


No? My points still stand?

In any case, rule 0 exists. But I still consider this a rule 7 and 13 issue.

I’m going to refrain from continuing posting. I suggest we wait for an admin ruling over this.