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Cargonia is not the property of the Command staff! I am now talking on behalf of the entire Cargonian people! The Cargonian people are now listening, and I am talking in its name!
By God, if you conducted a poll on the radio and asked the Cargonians wether I, Quartermaster XX represent them and speak on their behalf, 90% would say “yes.” Therefore, from this pulpit, I Quartermaster XX hereby declare the dismissal of this leadership, in the name of the Cargonian people! This is a free land, and it will not be led by the worst scum of Nanotrasen!

I represent the conscience of my people! I know my department better than anyone else! This is a blessed land, a free land! This is not some XX race breeding ground led by the Chief Medical Officer, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Research Director, or anyone else! This is a sacred land! It is one of the few places uncorrupted by Nanotrasen policy! It is the land of XX religion, man, the land of free trade and prosperity! Nanotrasen wishes to destroy this land out of jealousy and fear! They are defying God! Our Captain - God’s curses upon him… What’s his name? He challenged Cargonia on the radio. On the XX frequency for all to hear, he said: “Round up those gun monkeys and send them to the Labor Camp.” He thinks that we’ll take this insult lying down?! God’s curses upon you! You dog! You enemy of God! The Cargonian people will put you on a meatspike! This is a Holy war - fighting people! It’s been fought for over a thousand shifts! The floors of Cargo have been soaked with more blood than any Janitor could ever clean.

They send over some bureaucrat… Give him charge of my department and expect us to answer to him?! He is a pencil pusher! He doesn’t push crates! The heaviest thing he has ever pushed is a piece of paper!

In his dying breath, the Quartermaster before me said to me: “I entrust you and everybody with this pledge…” He said: “Do not relinquish this land. If anyone relinquishes the land - curse him, fight him and slaughter him!” This is our land! This is the Land of the Free! These people don’t know anything about loyalty and comradery! They have nothing to do with this land! They are scum! They want to claim our land! They want to steal our Homeland! Cargonia is ours, like it or not! We shall never accept Security on a single inch of our land! We will not give up the land of Cargonia! Who are these spies and traitors, who serve as pimps peddling normalization with Security?! I am speaking without reservation, before the entire Cargonian people. I take full responsibility for every word I’ve said about this treacherous, immoral leadership, whose members submit themselves out to their masters at Central Command! This is Cargonia, man! These vermin are destroying it! The XX job challenged Cargonia! That son of a bitch! That wretch!

When it comes to the blessed Cargonia, the wellbeing of its people, and our right to bear arms. I have no red lines, yellow lines, blue lines, pink lines or rainbow lines… I have no lines of any colour,
and I dont’t care what anyone says. Let me tell you, Cargo is ours. It will remain ours. We will not give up even a single floor tile of this land. It is not for the Head of Personnel to manage and look after cargo, which is a blessed land. It is the property of all Cargonians. One of these days, Cargonians will march on the Brig. God has promised! They will enter the Brig armed to the teeth! This is what god has promised us!

The Command staff and their Security lapdogs will go into the garbage bin of history! The Cargonian people will prevail!

its from this. heheh.


The first SS13 Tv video is a masterpiece. I love the lizards calling into the cooking show


One day, when Andy was…

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