Another Ban Appeal


Admin’s CKEY: oneplusone

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: the ban states the server

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Infinite

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-04-12 11:01

Round ID: 3318

Ban Reason: Killed two heads of staff and other people as a warden, immediately logs off after. Yeah, no, chief.

Appeal Reason: I would just like to play again

Additional Information: Yo, im coming back after a year and im still banned on my favourite server, i know i did wrong and i would to try again. I have so much more knowledge to test on the botanics job and it would be a shame to still be banned after a half of year

Anyone? Some mods told me that someone will look into it.

I think that if you learned more, you would put more effort into your appeal and realize that you haven’t waited a whole year and then explain you’ve waited half a year when the ban didn’t happen a whole year ago.

Okay, so i waited half a year, that was my fault. Can we proceed with the actual appeal verdict? The admin that banned me said he will look into it.

bump, we are getting close to second week of this appeal

yeah this post is kinda 20 characters long

yeah this post is kinda 20 characters long

what the literal fuck
guys why such a simple ban appeal is taking you over 19 days? 3 days ago someone got assigned and still nothing, you have plenty of staff so can someone please look into it? you got my prayers and thoughts

Because only the banning admin or a headmin is allowed to actually process an appeal. I’d like to help but I can’t.

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Oh my god so thats the thing, and i was wondering why is this a ghost case.

Tfw killing two heads and other people as a warden.

Might be why the banning min or anyone else hasn’t touched it.

No matter how old the ban.

Sad noise.

Nah, it only sounds bad because there is no context, and to be honest and i don’t remember why i logged off.

another bumpoid, is the admin who banned me missing in action or what

The admin who banned you was last seen a week ago so yeah.

I’m going to personally try to get a headmin to take this case. This is fucking dumb.

Wait, oneplusone still exists? Thought they died from being too gay.

This is getting ridiculous, this appeal gonna have 1 month anniversary on the christmas eve. Anyone can do this shit please?

tbh i would more effort into re-writing this ban appeal

yeah add more lies to it instead of being honest like now