An option to soft ban and potential roles for soft banned players

I’m not making this suggestion in official capacity, this is more or less an idea in response to this thread: Alternatives to Perma-Bans

Additionally even if this thread gets positive reception and ideas it would still need to be coded and implemented

First to explain what I mean by “soft ban”
A banning option for players that deserve punishment somewhere between a role-ban and a full ban, or even in some cases where we would currently issue a short full ban we can issue this instead.

Potential role ideas include:

  • Maintenance mouse - Player would control a mouse spawned into a random part of maint and be given the ability to chew wires on a cool down (60s). Mouse will be able to understand players, but not speak.
  • Other semi-sentient simplemobs, such as the pets around the station (not Poly or any with damage capabilities). Again given the ability to understand but not speak.
  • Prisoner with large gulag sentence, that once paid off they will be free among the crew as a civilian for the round. Security would be bound by server rules not to waive this sentence, and players will be bound by rules not to attempt prison breaks or hostile actions others
  • Observer - you know, like a normal ghost, but never polled with ghost roles when they pop up

Those are the ideas I have for the moment, and I know the prisoner role has been shot down before because of all the things a prisoner has access to. Prisoner role in the soft-ban sense would be a way for players to prove their willingness to cooperate and have their ban lifted, or to prove an unwillingness to cooperate and get full banned instead.
Being a nonharmful sentient mob is a way for players to be minimally involved in the round, but still do something. Simplemobs always being valid (though killing a pet will have IC consequences) is also a fitting punishment in its own way.

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I know this isn’t what was being requested in the linked thread, but I like the idea of softbanning as an option and want to know what others think/what other potential role ideas there are that we can heavily restrict players with instead of fullbanning.

@Ruko Wouldn’t the mouse die when it chews on the wires?

If it’s dumb and chews on the first wire it sees, yes probably. It has occurred to me mice don’t have any mobility from maintenance though, so they won’t be able to move around much.

For some reason vent crawling into a better location was something I thought they would be able to do, but there are almost no vents in maint

+1 from me.
Enforced roleplay to prove you are a capable human.

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Just do what hippie does and do a catban
Makes you into a supa valid felinid which can’t fight back

another option is:
you can play but you suffer from uncureable brain trauma

prisoner role would work if you made a separate map area for them. (so they wouldn’t be sent to lava land, they would be sent to a prison planet, that only admins have access to)

You can play, but only as a limbless catgirl who starts off behind reinforced walls in the AI sat.

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I feel like this could backfire for, say, a BB who’s breaking their brother out but has some soft-banned prick trying to a hitch a ride-along. I’d say they should be given an implant or shock collar that prevents them from leaving whatever area they’re stuck in until they complete their sentence.

edit: didn’t even realize this was a necro’d thread

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if you do this make sure you make the sec outpost there not trivial to break into, right now you smash one r-window and you can go back to the station, put lava in front of the window

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