An open letter to people who upload laws like "Insert your name here can designate anybody non-crew"

fuck you, Thats just a validhunter law, If i was a borg or AI, i would prevent you from entering my upload using various signs, Such as you not letting somebody go when they do, I let them, and you come to my upload, 5 seconds have passed, i choose to deny, as I can detect possible subversion from that previous encounter,

Someone got crushed by airlocks after being revealed as valid. The amount of salt in this post.


Then again, If an AI found out you were trying to upload a law like that, It would deny you it,

True. If there is valid concern AI not only should, but has to deny entry. But you can not stop valid heads of staff to enter AI upload without a prior history of human/crew abuse and/or harm.

This would not be an issue if we just switched to corporate

you should change your name to bark frungus because your barking up the wrong tree

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