An idea of a major event/gamemode? of sorts EXPEDITION

since explorers are getting the boot sooner or later ive been thinking around and making a rough idea.
what about a more major and substantial offstation activity that will give a much larger part of the crew some activity to preform
most of the event itself uses recycled content so i dont think it will be ALL that hard to make

a rare event or a station objective… or a gamemode… im not sure on that one yet

THE IDEA (at heart)

a full lavaland map filled to the brim with dangerous player controlled horros
basic idea is the crew needs to work together to either prepare a masive congregational expedition or setup a foward operating base. any attempts to fuck off from the station and just do this on your own like exploers and miners will be met with getting turned into a kebab
the main job will be several objectives some more complex than others that will need to be acomplished.
said objectives will straight up require the help from some departments
cap/qm will deffenetly need to work to setup any sort of foothold in the region
and a very large crew pressence will be required with constant ammo/power supply just to hold the foothold

THE REGION (indiana jones but in hell)

Durring the shift midround (around 20 minutes in)
the expedition will generate a full lavaland sized map
the crew may only enter the area via a 3rd docking option on lavaland that will lead to the second map
the region is a cave area with a single opening at one edge of the map where the crew may dock
the area will contain a wide variety of structures (bacon’s station generation. repurposed)
filled with bodies and maybe a few survivor pods if any ghosts are feeling adventerous
the region WILL be substantually more dangerous than normal lavaland. where a single person or a ill prepared team is unliely to survie let alone fufflil the objectives (more on those later)
-the crew will need to either send a large expedition crew or setup a full on outpost
if they wish to setup a foothold in the regoion

THE THREATS (this aint a work for one or two)

-if one of the objectives generated is not termination (more on those later)
----------- the following will be true -----------
when the region generates there will be ghost spawns for all sorts of horros to wander the caves
again the difficulty intened is. small teams and lone actors will either get shreaded or forced to back off (think… wild changelings,nonrepdoductive xenos,nightmares,romerols, wharever else we can find in the antag library)
the diffrent typles will be allowed to fight each other
(to give ghost players something to do durring the earlier hours of the expedition)
but they will all SLOWLY respawn from special spawners up to a given limit.
if the crew wishes to take the great challenge destroying the spawners will reduce the limilt
the spawners will be hidden near the edge
attacking a spawner will sspawn multiple of the given type depending of their type
it will be the threats’s objective to eliminate the crew and destroy any outposts they might have setup

THE OBJECTIVES (why are we here anyway)

2-4 objectives will be spawned. depending on crew size and of course some randomness
some of theese objectives are not some walk in the park exploer tier either
so far ive come up with…

exploration based objectives (im a bit dry on this one i’ll be honest)-----------------------------

  • artifacts - multiple high tier artifacts are scattered across the region locate extract study and sell them
  • anomaly critter - a experimental lifeform has escaped NT containment and has taken refuge in this region. locate and extract it
    the critter in question will be immortal. and spew out anomalies,events,aftifact effects,hostile creatures,xenobio effects. follow the trail of chaos
  • mining operation- an extreemly rare ore has been found in this region it can only be mined with diamond tipped pickaxes. extract refine and sell 200-300-500(crewsize dependant) bars back to CC

settlment objectives (finally something for engineers to do)-------------------------------------

  • setup a science outpost - you will be delivered 1-3 science kits
    science kits will have a very specific operating conditions.
    randomly generated - (pressure,gas mixture,temp,light,rad level and power input) ranges will need to be met for the device to function.
    once activated the machine may do any of the following. generate heat,generate cold, generate a gas, generate/consmue radiation, generate an artifact effect, generate anomaly
    and of course… becon the hostile creatures outside
    (do note ALL machine specifics will be noted on a note that comes with the machines)
    maintain ALL(if multiple) machines for X amount of time together
  • setup a survey outpost - NT science devision have reasons to belive the region contains valuable resources deep underground. you will be given a specal survey kit alongside coordinates
    (always far away from the region’s entrance area)
    the survey kit has a LARGE power intake and needs to work for 10minutes
    (engineers will need to find a good way to generate a LARGE amount of power in the most remote area of the region)
    activating the survey probe will attract the locals

  • setup a containment zone - a extreemly dangerous hostile life form that years ago ravaged a NT station (the alien horror event) has been once again located. it seems to be nearing the end of its hybernation. if released on the wild it will cause dvestation to the local mining operations
    estabish a deffence perimiter on the entrance of the cave network and ward it off once it awakens
    spawn a nonplayer controlled docile beast. from that one event a few years ago at the 1:00 hour mark give it to a ghost with the objective to break out of the cave network

termination based objectives (WAR)-------------------------
if an objective of this list is picked remove 1 other objective from the set ie with this objective type in there can be 1-3 objectives depending on crew size
also drastically reduce the random ghost threats spawn. and do not generate spawners for them

  • terminate changeling nest - spawn a large group of lings (depending on crew size)
    keep lings that failed to spawn as indestructable eggs for further ghosts
    lings have the objective to defend their teritory from the few threats in the cave and the soon to be encroaching crew

  • terminate nightmare nest - same as above but with nigtmares
    we have located a unaturally dark cave area please investigate

  • terminate cultist cell - we have located a blood cult cell staging terror acts in this sector terminate it
    same as above but slightly more cultists. alongiside a lot of runed metal

  • terminate hertical site - several holy congregations have felt a strong heretical presence in the local region. investigate and terminate any ilicit activity
    same gist give them a lot of heretical points from the start

  • terminate syndicate outpost - we have finally manged to locate the source of your many troubles and traitor activity these past few weeks. you are autorized to send them a formal complaint
    generate a syndicate base far away from the entrance area and spawn nukie class ghost roles in with the objective to defend the base

  • terminate xenomorph nest - local bioscans detect a large alien nest in the region. if we let it continue undisturbed we might loose the planet
    a fully grown xeno queen with at least a dozen larve

  • blobspores crisis - we have detected multiple flowering blobs ready to spread their spores across the stars. terminate this before we loose another station
    spawn 2-4 nonplayer controlled nongrowing but regenerating blobs with multiple blob zombies and blobernauts near each other. spawn special budding blob tiles that the crew MUST DESTROY
    30 minutes after they spawn they will bud and “win”
    blob major if more than 50% of the buds blossom
    blob minor if less than 50% blossom
    crew major if they are all destroyed

  • greyblob cirisis - we have detected blob growths in a local region. this is usually not an issue since blobs feed off metal and are only a level 5 biohazard threat on station and city enviroments. however
    we have reasons to beilieve this blob has mutated to be able to consume and grow off terrestrial rock materials. our scientists believe this new strain may spell the end of galactic life as we know it TERMINATE WITH EXTREEME PREJUDICE
    spawn 1-3 active blobs with a shared critical mass goal of 800-1000

closing toughts and misc ideas (nothing is perfect)

firstly the ai should be able to interact with the area’s derelict bases and cams should spawn. it could be a assistning hand in exploration and it will let it to do something

Im guessing this is some sort of a wierd amalgamation between meteors and exploration with an actual objective at heart.
but i do think it hits many of the right cords when merging the two
even if it might need refining. this is only a draft idea after all

traitors will be a funky thing to handle. since the crew will have most of their attention on the expedition it will be a bit unfair if john assistant just goes and steals the ai while that’s happening.
ive heard many people say that a vauger yet concreete objectives are nice so how about lings and tots get the nebilous task of preventing the crew from acomplishing the objective. trough sabotage or other means


I’ll give this a thorough read tonight! thank you! :heart: sounds awesome!


instant death.
nothing is sacred

It could involve the gateway, you know, that room that has zero use most days?


i literally forgot that existed lol

Potted plants are more useful LMAO


Have you read Expanded lavaland, Because Explo is suposedly being removed at some point ?

Alot of similar stuff, but honestly it’s nice to know I’m not alone in the “MOAR LAVLAND BAYBEEE!” sentiment.


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