An emotionally charged and half-hearted post on why traitors should be the only gamemode on MRP

arguably the only gamemode on MRP should be traitors because it has shown by far that traitors are the most versatile antagonist and is the most well rounded with the least detractors, compared to some other antagonists

  • devils is fundamentally flawed, and this already got taken out of MRP

  • blood brothers generally leads to a lot of greytiding due to simply how many antagonists there are, mainly due to the fact that they spawn on top of traitors, and not alongside traitors, if you know what i mean… i.e. in a round where there would normally be 4 antagonists, there would be 4 antagonists + 4 blood brother teams, instead of it being 50/50 with 2 antagonists and 2 blood brother teams
    there was a round with 30 people, and there were 4 traitors and 9 blood brothers (3 teams of 2 and 1 team of 3), and it ended up just being way too much for for the two security to handle simply due to the sheer amount of people being antagonists, it basically was a freaking mini rev round

  • we all know how cancerous changelings can be

  • gangs usually never gets far along enough for the end game domination to even occur, because literally one guy says on the common radio “hey guys there’s graffiti in engineering” and that’s enough for everyone to start mind shielding

  • i remember 1 single cult round on MRP, security descended upon them round start, killing literally all of the cultists, while the captain cried in the bathroom with the AI core for the rest of the round, i would know because i was the captain and i already shotgunned the cultist CE and i was really scard ok pls dont insult me in discord anymore lordkang and crash

another admin and i actually did set the gamemode on MRP to traitor one time, it ended up going on for quite a while, pretty much an entire day, before a single person eventually cried on the discord and a bluepilled admin changed it back to secret

That admin who changed the default to traitor sounds like a really cool guy

First ever round I played captain was on mrp
Over half the station was a traitor/bb including HoP, CE, CMO, Janitor, all of the engineers, the chef, basically everyone.

yea its kind of obscene, the sheer amount of antagonists that are in a traitorbro round

Tators are the only legit mode for the low pop rp server, like there is no disscusion about that, they are versatile, give more freedom on how to complete things, can lead to good gimmicks, usually only a few get tator so not everyone is coming for that 1 pure boi, they can kill freely that 1 asshole that keeps recalling when the sm is delaming, Cuban pete, Etc.

Changelings should be the only gamemode on MRP, change my mind.

I will only accept lingers if they kill recalling fuckers

and lings are usually the one ganging up and playing shuttle ping pong anyways

I feel the pain of my fellow Head of security indeed, he is teaching me to be robust. We literally got cucked by a team of 4 lings vs 2 security bois. Absolute meme nobody of them got greentext but also we got bored both beacuse we got out of the round so early.

Still yeah, MRP is low-med pop sometimes and needs to decrease the amount of antgs…

Better idea. Remove team ling. Considering the fact that half the regular lings end up with competing objectives, it could lead to less teaming.

For real though, team ling rounds go on for two hours. Even if i’m a ling, I hunt down and absorb the guy who spams recall. It’s ridiculous.

It’s the guy who calls the shuttle cause “hur dur 2 hours long hur dur” who the tator should kill. And also yeah tator is probably the best fit for mrp as then we have someone who can emag cargo and have a good time as we all ignore the validhunters and asholes who think it’s ok to kill anyone on lower pop than 7.

so far about 6 of the 8 people here are in open approval of my idea

Changeling could work if MRP forced them to go stealth, with the removal of most of the offensive abilities.
The changeling’s best ability is that it can change to anyone’s identity and fade away into the shadows, not go on a murderbone rampage.

Murderbone isn’t allowed on MRP doe

kills literally all of medbay and science with a lethal injection syringe gun

“murderbone isn’t allowed on MRP”

not killing your target by turning them into a felenid so they commit suicide