Amnestics banned by Sumter

CKEY: Amnestics

Admin’s CKEY: Sumter

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Golden LRP

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 1/8/2020

Round ID: 19315

Ban Reason: I made a WGW captain’s announcement and said it again over common.

Appeal Reason: Didn’t realize that WGW was classified under erotic content, didn’t think and got subsequently permabanned a few minutes after. Very sorry and this won’t happen again. I realize my mistake.

Additional Information: None


Generally for a first offense, the permaban is so that you’ll appeal on the forums and we can explain the erotic content rule better.


This ruling is kinda stupid though. You don’t need to be forced to appeal to be told “if you do this again you will be permabanned” when you can just be told “if you do this again you will be permabanned”.

That said, this is your warning for the above. While the ban should be lifted, this is the correct interpretation of the rules currently according to server policy. Basically, don’t do it twice and we’re cool.

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Will say claiming WGW isn’t erotic is Kona big dumb


Number of notes/bans on your account is a bit long. So far you seem unfamiliar with our rules and policy. Regardless of almost 300 hours on your account.

I never claimed that it wasn‘t erotic, did I? I just didn‘t think.

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Didn’t realize that WGW was classified under erotic content

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Yes and that it was forbidden due to that rule. If I did, I wouldn‘t have made that mistake, obviously.

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Honestly, before I learned you had like 300 hours and a billion bans and notes, I was okay with an unban. Knowing that you clearly knew WGW wasn’t acceptable, claimed you didn’t know it was erotic, and that acting like I’m the stupid one, I think the ban should stick. I’d love to hear @Caecilius opinion now if he was unaware of your time and previous bans before.

Let me reiterate. I knew it was erotic, I knew it was against the rules. I just didn’t think and acted on impulse. That doesn’t mean that I deserve an unappealable permaban for reciting a popular SS13 meme. I acknowledge that if I do this again, I will get an unappealable permaban. Please take into regard this is my first ban/note for anything erotic. I’m sorry if you thought I insulted you OR meant anything bad when I was arguing my case. I’m done arguing.


** I knew it was erotic, I knew it was against the rules.**

Yes. I will not lie. Although I do firmly believe that I deserve to be excused once for my rashness and short-sightedness.