Am I the only one

Who randomly thought up backstories for my character’s while I was playing?

And I mean stories that actually make some sense, not “So I was a wizard, then I lost muh powers, so I joined nanotrasen.”

I didn’t even write them down, or plan to come up with any, I just thought of the traits my characters would have, and the stories followed to explain those traits.

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tbh im still coming up with a non-bullshit story for my moff and my other human character

for now izatha is a generic moth that just has extensive medical knowledge

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all Sucks-The-Berg’s backstory is is that he got hit by a falling rock and was in a coma for like 250 years

watch out for falling rocks, kids

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Nylaa is a cat-person who decided to get a job to follow Uncle Sirio. That’s the closest thing to a back story I’ve come up with

So just me then.

Also, mark, is sucks-the-berg a freaking dragon or something? That’s one long coma, and I didn’t think you would recover from a coma inside a cryopod.

From all the months you play at oldbee, you end up forming a backstory from random stuff, most notably greentea and lukey, althought some others like me did end up coming up with a decent story, but its more of a hobby here than a need, since no ingame backstories besides what you tell, but it is indeed fun.

Uhh, time to improvise he was put into a cryopod and nanotrasen bought the company that operated them and only used advanced medical techniques to bring him back in the 2250s because they had a staff shortage. Yeah.

Makes perfect sense.

Now explain why he’s a teleporting space bartender who psychically knew we were at hilberts hotel, and could enter the bluespace to get their. Checkmate.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this one will be harder to explain. Maybe, he, uh, made a drink with bluespace crystals in and drank too much of it in one sitting? No idea

There’s only like four in universe ways to explain adminbus.

The space wizard federation, or some other magical group did it.

The syndicate did it.

Nanotrasen did it


…The illuminati did it…

_ . /\
_ / O\
. /____\

Bold of you to assume NT didn’t but out the illuminati

well Deamon Blackburn is a 72 year old man who is at the brink of retirement. he just wants to survive the shift and retire. he has lost (insert limb here) to a malf ai in the past so is suspicius of ai

as for my other charachters i do not have much backstory

Really? I’ve had a few different stories. One was my sister named Savy was killed by a deathsquad on station 12. Usually whisper that to whoevers with me when centcom is A N G E R Y. Usually it just depends on the current mood. Can’t be a good story teller if you can’t make it up on the spot.

Also lowkey convinced nylaa has brain damage in game or is like 3 in cat years

spess men find other spess men
spess men make other spess men horizontal
spess men feel good.
spess men find other spess men…

Someday i’ll share mine.


acting like you aren’t another emotionless validhunter who doesn’t have a problem with blood and gore or pain at all

Min just signed up even after reading the fine print. Was better than sleeping and playing vidya all day, despite the headaches.

Those two theories work. That, or it’s and act, an she was actually an undercover cop the entire time!

Brain damage was my original theory though, considering your character can’t be too young. After that, sirio just shows up like the nice guy he is, and helps her out.

You do have to act like that on LRP, considering the station always looks like a living hell when everything is said and done, but I try to react more in MRP.

so far for izatha i have uhhhhhh

ordinary moth that signed up so they could have decent medical tools to work with, (jokes on them, it sucks) has essentially become apathetic towards blood as they’ve worked around it quite a lot, but still gets quite annoyed when it’s everywhere. very concerned with keeping the medbay mostly tidy so it isn’t a danger to patients.

sometimes i cannot be bothered with proper procedure though so i just state that anesthetic can go to hell during surgery, and i’ll disregard the medbay’s sterile appearance if there’s medical emergencies i have to take care of first

i’ll probably show care towards anyone who isn’t generally dickish when i’m trying to stop them from fucking dying, please just max your suit sensors i just want you to be safe