Am I allowed to play SS13 on a phone?

See title. Do I have to fear anything regarding false automated detection?
Is it against server rules?

if it’s not against any server rules it’s probably against the rules of morality


I have to vehemently resist the urge to turn this into a discussion about philosophy and ethics


there is no byond phone app IRC, and since we dont allow for web clients its quite literly impossible to play it on the phone.

But if you can, your too powerfull to be stopped anyhow


You can just use a remote control program for your phone to access your pc while travelling ( Microsoft and Google come to mind) .
Alternatively you can use a windows emulator for your phone to achieve a “pc-like” environment.

I’m currently playing World of Warcraft on my phone, thats why I was asking about the possiblity for SS13 and possible rule-breaks/detections.

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What is there to discuss? There’s a webclient you can use made by BYOND. It doesn’t go against any kind of cyberethics I’ve seen(unless SS13 in it of itself is unethical). Probably doesn’t violate and other ethics(assuming SS13 is itself ethical in its existence).

The only thing playing le spaceman game on mobile will do is inflict undue suffering to yourself. I have done a surface level look at the webclient and it’s way worse than dream seeker, combined with a probably unwieldy mobile setup, it’ll be rough.

This may have some uh, problems.

Using a Remote Desktop app like VNC should be fine though

(Edit: Typo cause I hate using forums on mobile)

I was thinking less about discussing the morality of playing spess station 13 and more about debating morality, moral relativism and so on and so forth. But yeah, wrong thread for that.

Thats the main reason I am asking. It is possible on a technical level, I just do not know if my ****** would get caught in some kind of filter for people using vpns.

VNC(or other preferred RDP style application) will be fine, cause it’s technically still a proper computer connecting directly to the server(as opposed to a computer routing its traffic through god knows where to then connect to the server). With the RDP application you’re just remotely sending input to the computer, which the server realistically shouldn’t care about(if it can even know).

SS13 mobile got real

now I want it to be apk cracked

running ss13 on a single pc uses some power - but then streaming it to a phone uses up more power, raising it’s price. do you play ss13 on a phone, in comfort, indirectly raising the power price or do you not?

as of now we allow vpns you know

Playing from mobile would cause you to be shit in your role so if you’re a comand role or such it’ll be problematic

but say an assistant on golden (where you dont have to talk back or rp)
… i dont see why not

I think the scaling would make it impossible to press anything

My PC is basically running 24/7 since 5 years.
I don’t need a heater, my computer is doing a good job keeping the temperature stable.

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I think it would depend on the exact setup.

@Doctor_Ape what abouts is your mobile setup?

I’ve done this to play wow at work before.

Afaik it would still be just coming from your own pc so I don’t think it would even register. Good luck being a traitor on phone or any kind of combat.

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