Alternative naming schemes ideas/suggestions thread

just a thread to throw ideas on new alternate naming conventions for the various races, this is due to some races only having a single naming convention that tend to not be the best

A template you could use

Naming Scheme:
Short lore reasoning of this scheme:

This is not an anti-naming scheme thread, this is a thread to technically make it more lax by giving it more options, don’t start arguements over naming schemes


Species: Felinid
Naming Scheme: Miqo’te naming schemes from ffxiv
Short lore reasoning of this scheme: Miqo'te naming conventions | Final Fantasy Wiki | Fandom

Good idea, I like the addition of a lore reason. At least names wont be completely arbitrary :+1:

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Species: Moth folk.
Naming scheme : share syllables at the start and/or end, that thus result in the name sounding closely like words or terms* for Light, fire, cloth, clothing, cloth, moons* or LAMPS, or words and terms derived from them, More words could be present in this list but these seem like a good start.

Lore reasoning : The moth folk, to either meet the “First + last name” requirement and conventions of NT Identifications, or have a first or last name that is memorable and pronounceable in the “Galactic common” tongue, rather than just the moffic tongue, have opted to lean into the jokes and sayings of the amusingly similar earth order of Lepidoptera.

The names of Mothfolk comonly have at least one name sounding closely alike terms regarding or directly traceable to “Light” “fire” and “Moon” or their old Latin counterparts.

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