AlphaBravoZero - Incompetent Chief Engineer destroys engineering


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Bryce Anderson

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Rules Broken:
R7 Head of Staff conduct

Incident Description:
Early in the round made a completely awful atmos setup, forcefully emptying all the air into distro, and straightpiping the scrubber network directly to the gas filters.
This is a bad setup because the scrubbers will be clogging directly against the filters, and any hull breach anywhere on station will just drain the distro system until there is no nitrogen or air left whatsoever.
Which later was the case (after the SM exploded, see below).
Nitrogen tank pressure dropped to basically 0 kpa:
And later even the air tank pressure dropped to 0:
I literally told him a few minutes into the round that this was going to happen but he refused to listen.
His excuse was that having all the air in the distribution network is better, but it really isn’t because the vents will not care if they are pumping all the air out into space, and the N2 can be useful for other things than to just make air out of.
Even the distro pipes were rapidly running out of air due to this:
(Was over 9000kPa just after his setup, while the tanks still had any gas left to feed it, five more minutes and there would have been no air left anywhere on the map)

Later in the round when power production was too low and the SM bay APC was running out, he decided to vent all the gas from the SM, replacing them with oxygen, which almost caused the SM to delam until someone managed to put N2 back into it.
He struggled the whole round with producing enough power which even later made the SM delam a second time. The second time causing an explosion.

Additional Information:
Per Rule R7: “You are expected to be a competent person and competent at all the jobs that work under you.”
I get that the pubbystation engineering department is kind of different from any other stations and several engineers do these same mistakes, but for a CE that should be no excuse.

Nothing personal, but you should definitely know how to handle these things before you pick CE as your job.

Because of the Distro setup me and A93 (Yorpan) decided to have a motion of no confidence we brought this to Vince Randolph the captain and said If Byrce doesn’t resign we will.(Which was Half of the engineering department at the time) He said resign Byrce is a good CE and did nothing about Bryce even after the SM blew up.

These are acceptable mistakes for a normal engineer/atmos tech, but not someone that is supposed to be leading the department and know it well enough to teach someone.

Yes, precisely my point, if a normal engi/atmos had done these things I would just simply undo them. But following the CE around and undoing all their work is basically insubordination and possibly even griefing.
We tried to bring our complaints to the Captain hoping something could come out of it but the Captain just dismissed us saying he’s a competent CE.
Staging a mutiny was thought of but ultimately abandoned since there weren’t enough experienced crew in engineering at the time who agreed with these concerns.
Both me and @J515 who were playing atmos decided to just give up and cryo, letting the CE continue to essentially ruin the round and force a shuttle call.

No, I don’t believe Bryce had bad intentions and I believe he’s well experienced as engineer.
The setup has its upsides and down sides.

I think this is entirely ic issue.

I don’t think he had any bad intentions either, but I am curious, what could possibly be the upside of such a setup?

Catastrophic mistakes happen and are IC. Catastrophic mistakes made as a head can still be IC in some cases, we can’t expect someone to know everything… But catastrophic mistakes caused by going directly against what you’re being told is just being horribly negligent.

They don’t need to be engineering banned, just chief engineer, assuming the claims are true anyway.

We protested about his decision in front of him we were even tried to get more engineers in on the motion of no confidence, Yoshimi was on the round at the time and I told him beforehand about the motion of no confidence

I would argue a warn could suffice. A CE having their own idea of how to do things, ignoring others complaints, then having it backfire on them horribly sounds fairly incompetent.

However, its not like they were entirely incompetent and their setups worked in theorey just had some flaws.

Perhaps they should be noted for failure to make safe engineering setups as CE and job banned if this continues, but I think its decently likely it was a learning experience for said player and real people fuck up every now and then.


This is the same CE that tried to cool Hypernob fresh from the fusion uncooled using the SM space loop nearly defaming it

They have no clue on how atmos works and I will not work on iit them

Report Rejected.

This report cannot be verified from the logs.

If similar happens again, insist the admin that’s on get a different admin involved if they’re unable to handle the situation. Players should only be sent to the forums for reports if the round is ending and there isn’t time to handle the situation