Allow us to change the keys we use to move

I use a AZERTY keyboard and didn’t play with ZQSD until i finaly discovered i could on another server.
It feels so much better to be able to play with ZQSD instead of the arrow keys and it really suck that bee doesn’t have the option to change the keys you use to move.

Maybe there is a way to but i didn’t find it.

And no i don’t want to re learn my whole fucking keyboard by switching to american keyboard, the keys aren’t even at the right place and if i need to search one i need to google it so no.

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Have fun

i have begged for this for 10 months now, made several issues, harassed maintainers, coders

no one fucking cares because it doesnt concern them.

i stopped bothering

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While I agree that having it serverside would be nice, I literally posted a solution for you.

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no, you didn’t post any solution, because we already have that : it’s called “alt shift”

the problem is that it fucks up our typing when we want to talk to others and not play, and there’s a ton of other issues that arise that make playing on bee a living hell.

You can still solve it by setting hotkeys. For example, T to change to regular layout and Enter to change back. It’ll take a bit more creativity than just using UCR on its own but it is entirely possible.

What are the other things annoying you on bee?

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i can literally press alt shift to do the exact same thing, the problem is having to switch to type or combat. I do not want to explain the same thing i’ve explained time and time again on github, the discord and forum. i’ll just link.

This was written in april.
The original issue on github was in december.

I believe that PerishedFraud’s solution is right.
Let me explain it in more detail.
With his program we change our ZQSD to be WASD, and only that.
So yes, here it changes the keys.
BUT when we press T to talk, it changes it back to our normal keyboard, so we can type without problem in our normal keyboard.
Then when we press enter to send the text it goes back to switching our ZQSD to WASD.

It’s not perfect like for exemple when you use ME to do gestures i believe you can’t use enter to send it, or if you want to stop typing using Backspace.

Although i agree it’s still annoying it’s better than nothing.

Kinda sad bee doesn’t want to allow us to change our keys to move. It’s one of the reasons i started to play on other servers.

i do not press t to talk

Then change it to what you do press to talk? When you make a macro you don’t really have limitations. I’m sure you’ve heard of autohotkey before. If you already have keyboard shortcuts (ie hotkeys) for changing button layout, you can easily set this up without UCR. The script basically needs:

on talk or emote key press: press the key combination for the hotkey to change to normal layout.
on enter press: press the key combination for the hotkey to change to WASD layout.

It’s not hard!