Aligote banned by OnePlusOne

CKEY: Aligote

Admin’s CKEY: OnePlusOne

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2019-04-28

Round ID: 3675

Ban Reason: Plasmaflooded even after bwoinked. Fuck off…

Appeal Reason: I don’t know who q0o0p that this ban was attributed to was and I don’t recollect doing this.

Additional Information: I have a regrettable history of multikeying but I don’t know this account or commiting anything on this server.

Hi! Just here to calm any anxiety since staff havent replied yet: If you’re being truthful, then this is most likely just a stickyban issue. If you’re using a VPN or Virtual Machine this is common, and I think it can apply to anyone at random.

Sticky ban issue?

Ookay. While the linked ban is probably unrelated, we do have a rule against multikeying. You are required to pick and use a single ckey when playing on beestation

If you’re using a VPN or VM to play whilst admitting to multi keying, I am admittedly hesitant to try and resolve the issue. The ckey you’re listing only has one hour of playtime on Bee. Hardly enough to have any history at all.

In order for us to assist you further, we’ll need a list of all your ckeys along with the one you actually plan to use here. Those can either be posted publicly here or sent via a dm.

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Sorry for responding so late, I forgot to check up on this, but these precautions are completely understandable. Where should I dm about this issue?

Click username

Click “Message”


Post just like a public topic, but privately


I can’t seem to dm this way sadly.

The only alternate ckey I can currently access is DeadCentrist. The only ckey I plan to use is Aligote.

Alright. Should be sorted now, let me know if you have any problems connecting.

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