Alexanderself1 banned by Mat05usz Part 2


**Admin’s CKEY:**Mat05usz

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**Both

**Which server did the ban happen on?**Sage

**Ban Type:**Job

Ban Length: 12 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**08/01//2020

**Round ID:**19313

**Ban Reason:**As Warden demoted previous warden and then kept them imprisoned for about 15 or more minutes, says managing 3 prisoners is too much and it’s their fault they didn’t uncuff/unbuckle themselves, not the one person who is responsible for brig.

Appeal Reason: They were demoted because HOS and Cap said to demote them because I arrived as the cc approved warden. Cap was the one who did the demoting in the first place. They were given a two minute brig timer by me for resisting arrest in the first place and then coming back to brig after i removed them. They were ziptied. They could of sat still for 45 seconds to remove it as I dealt with a deconverted clown and a qm who I was mindshielding. I went to go help with the cult that was pouring out of science and maint and killing loads of people because dealing with them was much more important than babysitting this man who was in brig, he can uncuff himself before his timer is even over, just like everyone else on the planet would of done. If I had to guess, he probably ahelped because he was pissy about getting demoted in the first place. If I wouldnt of died trying to help the detective, I would of gladly went back and helped this man take off his zipties, but I was dead so that never happened.

Additional Information: in the words of a fellow player off discord: you should pretty much argue your case like this: what you are guilty of is accidentally extending someone’s brig timer by 45 seconds.
key word: accidentally
the other 855 seconds they spent brigged are their own fault for not understanding the basic mechanics of how the game works and how the resist action is used
this is not arcane knowledge - it’s stuff I figured out on my second day of playing the game lol

First of all, you are the person who is responsible for brig, 3 prisoners aren’t that much. You, as a Warden, have literally two jobs, watch the armory and watch brig, which includes imprisoning/releasing people. So considering the second option, I think you told me few times that it is not your fault that they have not been uncuffed after serving their sentence, but somehow it’s their fault, like what? You are the person to deal with cuffed people who deserve freedom after serving sentence, not them themselves. They can uncuff themselves to gain freedom, but it’s literally one of your main objectives as a Warden, and if you can’t understand that then why do you want to be a Warden?

Am I supposed to let the station get slaughtered by culties?

Your main job as the Warden is to take care of brig and people inside, mainly prisoners, you shouldn’t be leaving them, and on MRP it goes 10 times as hard because they need someone who protects them from sudden plasmaflood/bombing.

Mat, im gonna give it to you straight right here. I, and no one else on the planet but seemingly you, cares about this one guy who refused to unziptie himself while I deal with the other prisoners and the virus and the cult. I made this appeal to hear other admins and other players opinions.

Really you think that it’s okay to not care about prisoners as warden because they smh didn’t free themselves?

You want other players opinions? You got it, comin up. Mat is right. Warden’s job is exclusively brig and armory. You shouldnt even leave brig as warden unless the captain or HoS specifically order you to. Could he have unzipped tied himself? Sure. But at the same time, you ignored your one and only job as warden. Do you know what COULD have happened? While you were fighting some cultists in maint and science, a cultist easily could have broken into security. That would be on YOU. Its a lame ban, but at the same time, you also were a shit warden so…

12 days is probably a bit much for such a minor thing.


12 days is because they have already served 7 day ban for shitsec, like few days before that.


the warden is supposed to take care of the brig… make sure sentences are served and prisoners released, gulagged, incarcerated or executed according to space law and the captain. Hos has a say too but cap has to OK execution. as warden you really dont care about anything not in sec. Sec is your turf. if you cant even do warden properly dont play sec.

advanced wardens keep an eye on cameras and crewmonitors to make shure sec knows whats up.

A security team with a competent Detective, advanced warden, and a robust hos with loyal officers usually rolls up on antags in the middle of murder at the drop of a hat.

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This is directed at both of you for saying something specific. My job is to defend the brig and take care of brig. If all of sec gets slaughtered fighting cult while I’m dealing with someone who can’t uncuff themselves for whatever reasons, then Nar’sie rises, and boom there is no station to take care of at all. Everyone will die. Sec needed more ammo for shotguns, and the prisoner was detained and ziptied with a two minute timer. They could of uncuffed themselves in that time. He was ziptied for 17 minutes of his own will.
After he was demoted, we took him out of brig. He could of uncuffed then. He came back into brig over and over again, trespassing more than 3 times so we gave him two minutes because he was clearly heated over his demotion. He could of unbuckled and uncuffed in that two minutes, but he didn’t even uncuff. He then sat there cuffed because he wanted an excuse to ahelp me after I asked cap to demote him back to sec officer because he wasn’t official warden.
When he was acting warden, he literally only raided armory, so if anything, he should of been job banned for not doing his job, and power gaming.

In conclusion, He chose to sit there for 17 minutes when he could of left whenever. If every time someone got left cuffed after their timer ended we banned the sec officer, people would purposefully leave cuffs on themselves to ahelp the sec officer that caught them.

okay sucks but thats the job. You are not field sec, and it is unlikely that all of sec was about to die because you did your job. If he was being demoted to regular sec officer, I assume, judging on the situation that you have explained, that he was getting guns for the sec officers to fight the cult with. So technically, he was doing half of your job for you. He armed sec, so that part of your job was complete. that just leaves watching over brig. Which you failed to do. so…

He wasn’t arming sec. he was arming literally everyone else. The mime with no mind shield and red eyes was given a shotgun by him. A cargo tech that was wanted for breaking into caps office was given a gun by him. It was bad. HOS and Cap had him demoted all the way to assistant. HOS wanted him perma’d. We are getting off topic here though. The point is not whether or not he was a good warden and why he got demoted or why he was in brig in the first place, it is that he was left cuffed because i wasn’t sitting next to him at all times and he refused to do it himself. Let me ask you this, if he couldn’t remove his own zipties, how would he have removed other peoples when he was warden. How is this anything above an ic issue to begin with. Person A wanted something from person b and person b wasn’t there to give it, and person a refused to get it done themselves because they wanted to me malicious. That’s what this boils down too.

From what I saw he didn’t even had a chance to arm people, because you arrived, imprisoned them and just waited. I’ll post logs later.

Make sure to pull the log where cap asks if we can have two wardens and I say no, and the line where hos says to perma them, along with the beepsky arresting them, and the cap being the one who demotes in the first place (and maybe the part where cap couldn’t figure out how to put the Id on him again).Along with the line right after I arrive at the brig where hos asks if we should hand out guns and I said not to hand them out until cult has red eyes because people who are suspicious of others Will end up shooting innocents, and then handing out guns to all uncompromised crew once they have halos.

Additionally, when I got a chance to check after dealing with clown and qm after brigging this ex warden, the only thing left was the combat shotgun in the contraband locker, and when I first saw this warden and asked why he was warden, he accused me of misconduct I wasn’t even there to commit, and was carrying two riot shotguns after giving another one to a miner.

So basically, you arrived on station as a second warden, but instead of switching jobs after you said you cant have 2 wardens and letting the original warden do the job, you forced the captain to demote the original warden and then put him in jail?

Centcomm approved one comes first. Hos had them put in perma

But the point is that previous warden didn’t really fight, then you imprisoned them and then waited for fuck knows how long, and they were asking quite a few times to be released yet you didn’t care. Maybe you weren’t there, but as a warden you have to.

They chose to wait. They could of left wheneve

I’ll come with logs in few hours then we shall begin our discussion again, but for now it looks bad for ya.

@Mat05usz logs?