Alexanderself1 Banned by Bloons 3

CKEY: Alexanderself1

Admin’s CKEY: Bloons3

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**MRP

**Which server did the ban happen on?**MRP

**Ban Type:**Job

**Ban Length:**7 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**09/12/20

**Round ID:**21159

Ban Reason: LRP behavior as captain. Previous round validhunted on a secret greenshift, killed 2 greytiders, and in the current shift tried to name the station “Gay Love Station”, then announced “Haha, gamer”

Appeal Reason: Bruv- Validhunting would be me hunting them down like they werent in the room being repeatedly asked to leave with me and HOP, that and I sent them to get aid after and they were both cloned after we searched them.
Additionally, since when is showing some LGBTQ+ Support bannable? Or LRP? Like seriously US embassies fly the LGBTQ+ flag? Does nanotrasen not support the gays? Like why the fuck? Also announcing stupid shit like “gamer” is very fucking normal and shouldnt apply to his ban at all. You didnt even resolve the ticket int he round where you were questioning me about the killing of those two dudes mate, I responded and you banned me for it this round without talking to me after I asked questions.

Additional Information:

Round is still going.

Okay round is over, fight

@admins the fuck are y’all doing come answer

A) Validhunting on a secret greenshift was gonna be a note.
The reason that I listed it in the ban message for the jobban was that it was questionable behavior as a head. It factored in because of B.

B) “Gay Love Station” and announcing “Haha, gamer” roundstart after it got rejected are both very OOC things for MRP.

This ban is a job ban specifically only for MRP. There’s nothing stopping you from playing captain on LRP, and you are not server banned from MRP (or LRP).

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i swear you keep getting banned for incompetence

7 day command ban on MRP sounds perfectly reasonable to me here.

Yeah, seems fine. That name would be fine for LRP, not MRP.
Also, why would you not just disable and cuff the greyshirts, why would they need to be cloned?

I pose a few questions here-
A. Is there no homosexuals in SS13 lore?
B. There are video games, and I was going to transform the bar (or cargo I was being indecisive) into a giant arcade to make some dough for Nanotrasen

Both me and HOP emptied our disablers into them but
A. Sec never showed up until after they were dead
B. Mime kept using invisible walls to sit in a corner with Gukle until they both got up
C. We had them all fine and dandy until mime started hitting me with a chair, at which point I killed them in self defence

I swear you just don’t like me because I killed you once