Alethea Shiru player report r44727

CKEY: Absolucy

Your Discord: absolucy

Offender’s CKEY: N/A

Offender’s In-Game Name: Alethea Shiru

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-07-02

Round Number: 44727

Rules Broken: You Must Roleplay, potentially No Powergaming?

Incident Description: I was a traitor, and was going to threaten someone in maints into attacking my target (and threatening to kill them if they did not comply). I have sleeping carp. Alethea Shiru is the first person I come across - she is a non-antagonist janitor. I violently grab her (remember, sleeping carp), and tell her my demands: “If you scream, you die. If you try to yell over comms, you die. If you don’t comply with my demands, you die.” She instead tells me “we both might be about to die”, tries to neckgrab/strangle me, and then runs off, screaming over comms about me being the contractor. Seems very failrp to me, especially as a non-antag janitor.

Additional Information:



Confirmed it with logs.
This situation called for RP instead of mechanics. Shion made it abundantly clear she was threatening them and gave them an RP option out of danger (do what I say or else…)
Instead the jannie did bare RP and used mechanics to fight back, while you have a right to defend yourself, I feel this called for RP and a good interaction was nipped in the bud.
Indeed, you should be terrified of the martial artist (apply to civilian roles, but even command or sec should think twice in this situation) , not feeling like trying to robust your way out.

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