Alberto Merryman Player Report No.69420

In-game report:


Your Discord: notebe96

Offender’s CKEY: Motespeck

Offender’s In-Game Name: Alberto Merryman

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-02-11

Round Number: 47639

Rules Broken: 13 (specifically don’t murderbone without the relevant objectives)

Incident Description: Non murderbone miner antag leaves rubber duck explosive rubber duckies around the station under doors. He did use one to kill the cook who was his target, which is fair. And then left another 2 rubber duckies around the station killing people randomly, such as one at medbay.

Now what I want to focus on, he had a bag of C-4. He ran around medbay with the C4s and was just throwing them around trying to kill as many people as possible spacing medbay. As you can imagine would be densely populated , hence he was murderboning.

On to my second point, he had mesons as a miner and had thermals from the lootbox. This is important because he took this C-4 and blew open the secure pen of xenobio which at the time was housing a XENOMORPH QUEEN . The mesons and thermals are significant here because he would have seen them before blowing it open, meaning they deliberately freed the xenomorphs which as you can imagine is murderbone.

Additional Information:

these are his objectives

I was the xeno queen and didn’t see the guy place any explosives at the wall indicating either I’m blind or we both missed seeing eachother and he wouldn’t have known , not to mention his server objective is right above the xeno pen

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Hi, I was the hop during this round, he put a c4 in medical near his targets, but not really “indiscrimnately”.

couldn’t remember the password to my actual account and I thought sci had done the usual meta of filling the spare room in xeno with servers, which they do all the time. I had thermals disguised as mesons, not both at the same time somehow. I did not see any xenomorphs, only humans in the room. The duck below med was intended to catch the person dragging the body of the victim, but I planted it too soon and someone else got got. The c4 in med was 1. planted by the dead body of the target to try and stop revival and the two after were planted on top of cred chips and thrown at the revived victim and pursuing secoffs. All other c4 was used to blow up sci stuff. I didnt know what to do for the round, so I bought a surplus crate and got nothing but bombing supplies, so I went with that.

precisely, I now had thermals and not meson wallhacks, so I was just putting c4 on random sci walls trying to get obj1 done by hitting some sci server equipment.

He put one in the middle of the main reason atall which is kinda, yknow, not good. Also with thermals he should have been able to see xenos through walls plus after the first C4 see them and decide not to breach it again.

as the queen explained and as I said already, I didn’t see any xenos. Queen was likely standing all the way to the right of the chamber so I wouldn’t be able to see them from that distance.

The hall duck was a bad idea, yes. That’s the thing I’ll just admit I messed up on. The xenos were not intentional and the bombs outside of the hall duck were used with a very specific intent in mind to get the chef and then stop his revival.

For extra reference, the “indiscriminate” medbay c4 was at that point red alert with sec using lethals chasing me. I was tossing c4 money at a seccie lasering me, not mad bombing a bunch of random civvies.

What? Clarify this please.

I have an account I haven’t used in like a year and I couldnt remember the login so I made this one. Look up the same username. I wasnt multikeying, this is referring to forum accounts. although it says joined '22 which is weird since this acc is blank and I logged into it by using my google acct.

Thats what I was confused about lol, thanks.

“this user hasnt posted in 2 years” yadda yadda

yea no idea why that is maybe I clicked that button once back when I made the actual acc in 22 and it associated my google acct.