AlbertBlackwell bean appeal

CKEY: AlbertBlackwell

Admin’s CKEY: Piet

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: god knows, probably both

Ban Type: perm

Ban Length: perm

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-12-24 10:09

Round ID: 10620

Ban Reason: tl;dr stuns assistant outside of brig. lies in ahelp that he stunned him to throw him out of brig. chainflashed him to let CMO strip and delimb him. again lies that he just threw him away and its none of his business what happens with him. disconnected mid ahelp

Appeal Reason: this wasn’t even what happened but ok . let me begin
be me, sec, some assistant is running around the brig being an annoying thing because he’s been let out, flash him and as i go to chuck him out CMO comes and delimbs him, this assistant stole all of the CMO’s gear and whatnot and i said during the ahelp (do not quote me on this) “I didn’t even know the CMO was going to do that” something ROUGHLY on those lines, i didn’t even know the CMO was going to do that, now about the elephant in the room disconnecting during the ahelp i just had to go and yeah “albert u should know better” yeah i should but when ya gotta go ya gotta go. pls investigate further maybe, OH and someone was going around with my ID afterwards so sorry people who got murked by alfred.

Additional Information: Assistant was Alfred Collins or something like that,

I mean, if you’re saying that regarding logs, they will show your CKEY anyways.

Time to wait for Piter.

your first interaction with him ever

[2019-12-24 15:25:21.437] ATTACK: AlbertBlackwell/(Albert Blackwell) has shot Player1 with the disabler beam (NEWHP: 91.8) (Central Primary Hallway (110, 141, 2))
[2019-12-24 15:26:21.759] ATTACK: AlbertBlackwell/(Albert Blackwell) has flashed(AOE) Player1 with the flash (NEWHP: 91.8) (Central Primary Hallway (107, 112, 2))
[2019-12-24 15:26:25.378] ATTACK: AlbertBlackwell/(Albert Blackwell) has flashed(targeted) Player1 with the flash (NEWHP: 86.8) (Central Primary Hallway (113, 112, 2))
[2019-12-24 15:26:31.247] ATTACK: AlbertBlackwell/(Albert Blackwell) has handcuffed Player1 (NEWHP: 86.8) (Central Primary Hallway (113, 112, 2))

stun and handcuff him outside of brig, and then grab him so he cant run, and let CMO strip him

[2019-12-24 15:26:32.364] ATTACK: AlbertBlackwell/(Albert Blackwell) has grabbed Player1 passive grab (NEWHP: 86.8) (Central Primary Hallway (113, 112, 2))

uh and then it seems like you left him with CMO at brig
and after a while CMO gibs his hand

[2019-12-24 15:33:55.679] ATTACK: Player_CMO has attacked Player1 with cakehat (INTENT: HARM) (DAMTYPE: FIRE) (NEWHP: 66.8) (Brig (119, 169, 2))
[2019-12-24 15:33:56.692] ATTACK: Player_CMO has attacked Player1 with cakehat (INTENT: HARM) (DAMTYPE: FIRE) (NEWHP: 32.2) (Brig (119, 169, 2))

then you come back and throw him out of brig.
THEN he comes for revenge and kills you, pretty much valid

right ok cool, so a few questions how would i know if the CMO was gonna delimb him if i never said or spoke to them about revenge, if they did mention it i am SURE i would remember, the chain flashing is warranted because greytide who run around in the brig get flashed and thrown out, i am sorry for not acting upon it for when it happened but i fully understood at that time why the CMO done it but yeah.

BUMP. post must be atleast 20 characters

honestly i dont care and it have been almost one month so accepted