Albas banned by Xlyana


**Admin’s CKEY:**xlyana

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**both

**Ban Type:**Mirror ban for MRP this ban (???)

**Ban Length:**14 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**01/09/2020

**Round ID:**11257

**Ban Reason:**Killed my master who emmaged me as a borg

**Appeal Reason:**I didn’t do it on purpose, i never played syndicate and received simple commands, go on a rampage. He came while i was injecting people with cyanure, and since all the antags i played had some icons to recognise each other i didn’t check the name and killed him.

So it wasnt intentional but a newbie mistakes

**Additional Information:**He was doing a really good job to be honest :confused:

To be fair, I did give him simple instructions, something along the lines of “go cause havoc and chaos, shock doors, be a shitter” something like that. Still salty about the dude that ick ock’d me that round and the other borg that suicided like a sore loser after getting emagged tho.

Wait it was you ?

ick ock’d : i dont know what it means. But i am sorry for the kill, i didnt know it was you :confused: and if it was a dont kill just be a dick, sorry i misunderstood

nah you didnt ick ock (ICC OCC, talking about the round in OOC chat, basically ruining the immersion and giving away round sensitive information that could ruin someones match), it was another guy. I’m not an admin so I can’t help the ban but if any are reading this, I forgive ya for what its worth.

Well since Nutskeet has gone ahead and forgiven you it means that there’s no real complaint left about it. You now know how to act as an emagged borg (not killing your master.) I’ll remove the ban when I get home.

Thanks, wish you luck as your next time as a syndicat

bro its a 14d ban for killing the guy that gave you da antag that the same shit as me buying a holopara and it just sleeping the whole round till mech shows up and it decides to melee i d reduce to 10d but its deserved

I am still banned, if you are not home then sorry

Xlyana has lifted the ban, going to close the thread.