Alaina Noton, Botanist player report

In-game report:

CKEY: doktorwueue

Your Discord: wueue#4999

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Alaina Noton

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-08-27

Round Number: 45561

Rules Broken: maybe rule 1? , rule 2 , rule3 maybe? , rule 7, rule 9

Incident Description: the btoanist in questions seems to have only be growning omega weed for the most part this entire round, the weed seems to be when consumed, make you bigger.
They also seems to have threatend @bleue to biggify them via genetics ( more info from them).
They later on got arrested for assault and Aaron martin arrested them for it. they kept spouting pretyt LRPy things durign the arrested and then the removal of their chainsaw arm ( which they had for soem reason, hence the rule 2 break). they spout more stuff at aaron which then gets fed up with their bullshit i would say and just lets them go ( they kept the chainsawarm). after releasel they kept insulting him for a bit, then tried to get people to smoke their weed, even threating some or promising to harm them. When the chemist Orin asakura arrived they immidily threatend them into makign meth for no reason. the botanist was also really big ( i find makign onceselves jsut super big is a bit LRPy?)
They then demanded a growing virus from Rain ( who also just arrived) and threatendend them too.

Additional Information: This feels a bit self antaggy to me what they were doign threatning mutliple people into doign their bidding ( as a non antag).
i only have the knowledge of their actions after the arrest has happend and they were ina cell

Wanting to be big is within the light hearted and goofy style of our rp environment.

The botanist, however, also has a job to do outside of becoming big and growing weed.

Hi! I was a doctor (Anxiety) and I was in fact threatened to research the giant mutation. They threatened me a few times, I believe, and seemed to have threatened other people. They threatened Orin Asakura into making meth, and ended up causing a small explosion as the result. I was also the one who had to take their arm off later.

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The player in question has already been permanently banned as the result of another incident. Not much to be done here. Thank you for taking the time to file a report regardless.

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