Akutoreiza banned by Coioneisanders

Title: [Akutoreiza] banned by [Coioneisanders]

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
2021-12-27 10:03:22
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Metacomms with 2 other players
Appeal Reason:
It’s been a long time, I’m really the only person I know who will even play this game, and there won’t be much trouble with me anymore. I actually want to play more interesting games and get better.
Additional Information:
I really miss this station tbh it was really chill, also I edited this thing three times

Perma bans require a year to appeal, especially severe stuff like metacomming

Hang on now Xeapor, someone just openly admitted to metacomms recently in forums and didn’t get any sort of punishment whatsoever, maybe it’s less severe than it used to be?


first comment i ever liked on beestation ban forums

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Full ban reason.

Metacomms with BootSoop and Slenderpig, lying in ticket. Take it to the forums if you think this was in error

Not all cases are the same, context matters.

Permanent bans still require you to wait a year and have a vouch unless they are found to be a mistake.

To succesfully appeal a warranted permanent ban one year needs to have passed and you require a valid vouch from a reputable server.

Sadly one year hasn’t passed yet which leads me to denying this appeal.

Feel free to reappeal once a year has passed and you are able to provide a valid vouch.