Aight lads i'm out

Amidst the current thread that @LodedDiper made, it got me thinking, and I am so sick of this server.

For one, I agree with LodedDiper with the fact this server is not beginner friendly, at all, and that largely has to do with the community. For example, not so long ago I was observing nukies fail at assaulting the station. People in dead chat were like “oh why don’t they just do such and such” and spamming “flukies”. I mentioned they might be new, to which I got the reply “if you are new don’t play nukies”.

Now this really hit me the wrong way. You need to play a role to learn it, by not choosing that role you will not learn it, therefore never playing said role. I have never learned science because I am worried about getting griefed for not knowing what to do, which I have seen before.

Another big reason is the double standard with the rules. Apparently CE piggybacking someone while doing the SM is fine, mime tiding into everywhere is OK because they are mime, Felinids spamming nya because “its their race”, uploading silly laws is great because it doesn’t harm anyone, and lynching the viro as soon as there is a virus is expected. But as soon as someone says “based” once, oh no, thats a perma ban.

I don’t understand what the admins count as RP. Sometimes they let greytiders wordlessly break into places while bwoinking you the second you compromise with an antag in a tense situation. It’s gotten so bad that I have not bothered RPing lately and just been annoying as clown. Because whats the point if no one else is bothering?

And people are just like, report the non rpers. I do, and I either get the response “so?” or “looking into it” and don’t get an answer.

And that brings me to my final bit, Crossed, I like you, but why on earth are you against adding character flavour text?

Llol and NotAShark, you two seem to be the only two admins here that care about RP, so good on you. (apologies, this seemed kinda harsh. I know all admins try very hard, but these are the two I had noticed.)

I would like to request a permaban from the server. And before you say this is not an airport, I have friends here who I would rather not think “I wonder what happened to that anti-Felinid guy”.

Thank you to all that try to RP, I am sad I will never get to play my beloved Grod again, but theres no point when there is no RP on a RP server.

Donk Bonk has honked his last honk

EDIT- Reading all these comments has made me realise there is still a good community underneath all the flaws, with great people, so maybe I will be back some day. Thank you all for your kind comments, but for now i’m gonna take a break from the server.



god speed funny clown man

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OK mr permabanned on Discord


I’m on the server, just muted.

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Love you Donk Bonk. Godspeed on your future endevors.


Nukies do generally require some combat knowledge, and general game knowledge. Thing which you don’t get from nukies only, but by playing the game in general. They are right, but the way they go about it is wrong.


The absolute state of Beestation


Absolute state of KFC boneless chicken bucket.


do they actually offer a full boneless bucket? Is it like a LOT of chicken or is it just like the normal pieces sans b-bones

I do not know as i do not eat kfc :sunglasses:

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Yes, and it is a lot of chicken (plus fries and nm not gravy but dips! and maybe gravy I forgot!)


Godspeed Xeapor, wish you best of luck.
Brb piggybacking a viro felinid into the SM


Im gonna be honest chief. Salt from d-chat is always to be expected due to the nature of it being the place where those who died reside. As for the rest of your points i mostly agree. Goodbye clown man best of luck to you!


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again here, the roleplay standards here very much feel like that phrase “You can have it in any colour… as long as it’s black”. We’re told to roleplay and yet some of the people I see restricted most by our rules are people trying to roleplay.

Quite frankly I feel very lucky that I somehow got away with being able to play a deranged carp worshipping magic practitioner with a fish pun for a name, considering some of the downright cruel treatment I’ve seen other people get just for trying to play a character in a way that is both fun for them and also harmless.

I have been how many times I’ve seen this sentiment getting thrown around, I have started ahelping a lot more than I used to, on the one hand I’d definitely also encourage it, there are certain people who play only for themselves (namely the sort of people you see in the powergamey singeplayer roles like xenobio or mining).

At the same time though, it’s just highlighted how big the issues on Bee really are, and how our rules so blatantly clash with the code and what players naturally do on the server. I don’t think there are enough admins to consistently enforce all of these obscure policies and I don’t think there ever will be. It makes me wish we’d go back to a series of more lenient and clear rules.

I mean kind of… I personally only enabled nukies when I felt like I was ‘ready’, after several hundred hours of playtime and an equal amount of observer hours. My first nukie round was a hilarious disaster regardless and a lot of people called me the worst nukie they had ever seen. The next five or so times I rolled nukie/lone op I nuked the station.

While it’s still advisable to have decent knowledge on how the game works before enabling antags like nukies or wizard, you definitely learn the most from playing the actual roles, and I don’t blame anyone for wanting to have a chance at playing those roles early on, and if anything I wish people wouldn’t look at antags with such a “must greentext” mindset, we’re all here to just have fun at the end of the day, regardless of success.

Godspeed, Carp’Sie loves you.


You know, we’ve only really ever gotten to interact in the discord and I love your character, and I really get what you’re saying here. I understand people not really liking the moffspeak at times (which I’m guilty of as Toast, but I also don’t care) and some of the nya stuff when done as an accent instead of as like, someone just walking around screaming NYAAAA!! like a deranged cat-eared monster, but a good chunk of it isn’t hurting anyone. I’ve seen what you’ve talked about before, even though I don’t have examples since I’m gonna be honest I’ve barely slept in the past week.
Also I see you typing, Hello, good morning again.

Also on topic, I hope you do alright Xeapor. I wish you the best man in whatever you decide to do.


I’m sorry you feel this way about the server and community :pensive:

Please report them! Salting (even in LOOC) is not welcome on the server, we’ll take action and bwoink these people. Unfortunately it’s hard for us to keep track of everything that is being said, so reporting these people could really help.

I don’t think this ever happened, we give multiple chances to people who use netspeak, and generally those even if repeated result in relatively shorter bans.

If an admin just replies “so?” after you ahelp a tider, you should 100% report them.
If someone says “looking into it” and then doesn’t answer for a while, it’s probably because they are dealing with that ticket, or juggling multiple tickets. It can take a while, between looking into logs and waiting for responses.

I believe that if someone actually came forward with a decently coded version of flavor text, the proposal would be taken more seriously. I personally think flavor text and medical/criminal records are very neat.

Well, goodbye xeapor! :saluting_face: hope you come and pay us visit some day :wave: and have a nice day!


Isnt salting in d-chat allowed tho. I get if its like malicious and being an ass for no reason but if its more laid back isnt it ok? I feel like we’ve all been frustrated in d-chat before and had to vent our anger.

Edit: oh wait do you mean looc or d-chat im confused now.

of course, report them in the case it’s eccessive or if it gets personal, i won’t bwoink someone for just saying “flukies”.
However i don’t think that venting anger in d-chat is alright. It tends to create a sort of toxic environment, which is not cool.

Salting in general isn’t great in-game

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The absolute state of the airport.

JK tho Godspeed.