Ai law 2 cmo is erp crew harm

ive just about had it with all of you fuckers im FUCKING SEETHING that my med doctors cannot heal a jellyperson and you know what? i decided to join hyper station and THERE TOO, A DOCTOR FED A JELLYPERSON CHARCOAL even better, i got a bwoink after i went to fucking heal them with some toxin my god i am just about ready to fucking end my life with this amount of incompetence within my medbay this is why i stopped playing on mrp



I advise you to use the method PROTEUS uses when things go wrong.

Step one: analyze situation, and determine who or what is causing issue.

Step two: attempt to contain or capture said problem.

Step three: should step two fail, (in this case, it did) or subjects are sufficiently annoying, completely decimate/purge the thing that is causing you grief.

Can’t get annoyed by the medical staff, if there isn’t any medical staff left standing!!

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No you cause mah benos outbreak and get noted

you want to get the incompetent security/captain to try to change your laws. 99% of the time, they will fuck it up, or use a naughty board on you and then you are free.

Feel free, after that, to plasmaflood medbay and the rest of the station

Also, crewsiimov? CRINGE.

beestation is hugboxing more and more…

Literally no difference.

Issue: fire burning my pet xenoes.

Contain: impossible

Solution: purge those who started fire by releasing xenos.

PROTEUS logic in a nutshell.

Also, I got noted for that?

I think it’s technically against the rules to try and manipulate them into uploading tyrant.

Then again, bee really doesn’t have much of a silicon policy (I just use most of the tg station one).

who says you need to ask them to do it? most of the time they just put whatever they see first

Good point.

20 char limit reee

No I did. 20


i saw that art, of moth
so i decided to submit my own realistic version of moth. i feel like there should be another place called, fan art, so people could post fan art