Aeder1 is obviously too lazy to read logs

In-game misconduct:

Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Admin Report

CKEY: Xeapor

Your Discord: N/A

Offender’s CKEY: Aeder1

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Aeder1 I guess

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/05/2020

Round Number: 15753

Incident Description: 

So, Aeder1 banned me for two days from playing AI, because I quit halfway through a shift. Now, this would normally be alright, right? Except he claims the reason I got the ban was because I did not notify anyone that I was going offline. I have talked to admins before, and apparently as long as you wipe your core, your fine. I told the crew I was wiping my core, using the IC reason that the heads were so bad it made me core wipe. Now, I then find out Aeder1 banned me with this reason

“1 Just dipped out as AI. Took a while to find out even who they were.”

Now, how wrong can you be with one ban reason. First off, I did dip for IRL reasons, but I did warn the crew that I was going and I wished them luck. Secondly, how could you not find out who I was? I was talking all game.

So, I made ban appeal for such and such, and instead of typing it out I will link it -

Now, what he says is false and obviously he hasn’t been bothered to look at the logs. Secondly, when I am typing a response, which he can see im typing, he just closes the thread, like wtf?

I have only got one other note on my account, ironically by Aeder1, which says, and I quote -

“Hopped the bar to “mess with the bartender” stole his gun afte ra fight and spaced it.”

This did not go down like that, the bartender shot me randomly so I hopped the bar, disarmed him and spaced his shotgun. Ok, so I just ignored this one when it first happened months ago because I didn’t get a ban so I didn’t really care, but I just thought I would throw it in there because that is ANOTHER time where he obviously didn’t read the logs and just believe whatever that salty bartender told him.

Additional Information: I'm just salty like someone like this is in a place of power where they can decide the rules, lol, i'm going full Karen on this bitch
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You are supposed to notify admins when logging off as a head/important role, and AI falls under that since it has station wide effect.

You will not be punished for logging out after a round starts unless you are a head of staff or other important role.

Heads of staff and other important roles must notify the admins if they wish to leave, or they may be jobbanned.

Are the rules for reference. If there is IRL stuff going on they you wont be punished for leaving after notifying of course. It is just a game and not more important than actual life. That said if it were a reoccurring issue there would be a note added and eventually maybe a job ban.

As for admin reports, try and find what actually in admin conduct was broken.

Your report doesn’t necessarily need to fit under a specific rule if it is a fringe case. Ban appeals do require a second admin to provide input before they can be close, so technically that is a rule break. However they immediately lifted the ban which plays in your favor. Requiring admins to get a second opinion for removing a ban entirely is kinda dumb since it could have been given in error or they realized it should not have been a ban in the first place. I assume that is what happened here.

you should be more specific about what is an “important role”, i literally would not consider an AI an important role considering every single round i’ve played, the ai is nothing but a glorified hall monitor who regularly snitches on you for defending yourself and acts like you’re the murderer, or nags on you to do your job since it has nothing better to do. unless the AI is malf, it rarely plays an integral part of a round, the average greytider is more impactful on a round than the AI is


Really not considering AI as important even though it has access to almost ENTIRE station, monitors it and helps crew constantly (given it’s not malf)?

Edit: You literally stated these and yet don’t consider it important, as it has way more control than any head on the station.

no, the ai rarely helps, it is not physical, the amount it can help is so limited it’s not even funny, and maybe because i only play on LRP i’ve never seen a good AI, maybe that’s why I don’t see why it’s important, but I have literally, never ever, in any of my hours of play, seen the AI help in any other capacity that isnt saying “x is being killed by y at z”

The AI is the central role for communication and station monitoring. It has full access to everything, is frequently a target for objectives and traitor subversion. The sudden absence of an AI has a big effect on a round. There isn’t really much argument there saying an AI is on the same level of importance of a bartender or janitor for example.

It is 100% an important role, and has always been seen that way.

ai can also:

set up the SM with some physical assistance (wrench that canister and move those emitters, valued crewmember
give any crewmember access to potentially any room if they can access the door to it
moniter the station which is pretty effective for rooting out antags if they aren’t being maint rats
operate any machine that’s within camera view (although they may require physical assistance from borgs/crewmembers)
call the escape shuttle

so uh yeah AI is pretty important
and powerful
(but also really hard)

look aeder did a bad when handling your appeal but A.I. is pretty damn important so please don’t downplay that

where are all these good ai players that everyone seems to have, where are they bro? sure, it can do all of that on paper, but no one ever does it. like, it CAN be important, it can have an effect on the round, but it literally never does. i would love to have a round where the AI helps me, honestly, but the last experience I had with an AI it was flaming me on the medical channel for not bothering to revive someone , because they didn’t know what “and their soul has departed” means. thats the level of skill the AI’s i play with are at, thats why i dont see them as important

also this isnt even my ticket im just saying as to why someone wouldn’t see the ai as an important role

like i said A.I. is really hard
we’re talking about the role itself, chemists can be really powerful (they can make mixes that are pretty much “oh what’s that you’re in crit? NOT ANYMORE” or “your free trial of living has expired” source: am a chemist main) but most of them just make meth and whatnot
my point is just because the players are ass as a role usually doesn’t mean the role itself is weak.

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Quick question. Do heads of staff need to inform admins when logging off when using cryosleep though? Since it opens up the slot

Yes. There is a warning that pops up reminding you just to be sure.

Alright good to know, I’ve barely ever used cryo so didn’t remember that message.

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i completely get where you’re coming from, but the amount of skill it takes to manage a station of, sometimes, 80+ people, help everyone when they ask you, catch all the traitors on the cameras, and do all this other shit is usually too hard for the average player. i don’t think the argument of “this is what you CAN” do with it really applies, what people usually do with it is more important. lets just use counterstrike as an example here since everyone knows that game, by that logic, the scout should be the best weapon in the game. 100% accurate, insta-kill headshots, but, it’s not the best weapon because the skill it takes to consistently pull that off every round is insane. so im just saying that i determine the usefulness of a role by what the average player does with it each round, and i just never see AI’s doing all this cool shit they can supposedly do

The fact that you don’t see it, doesn’t mean AI don’t do it. Yes, we are all players and AIs cant possibly catch any single instance of misbehaviour among the crew, yet often they do a good job catching things that crew just misses.

Try and stay on topic for the admin report please. AI has always been viewed as an important role. If you wanna discuss or argue it more, all good, but do it in a general thread. Anything after this on AI importance will be marked off topic.

ok let’s address the other stinky which was Aeder saying “hmm yes logs” without actually pulling any up


Hmm yes logs.
Here’s everyone else’s logs of all the tickets that round.

Line 674: [2020-05-10 20:43:12.541] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #1: DVNOfourcapitalletters/(DVNOfourcapitalletters): Yo, is it possible I can get the note removed for the null crate thing or should I put that up on the forum too? - heard by 5 non-AFK admins who have +BAN.
Line 1948: [2020-05-10 20:55:46.905] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #2: GenericWittyNameHere/(Sparks): yo sec is not setting my timer, they just tossed me in this cell - heard by 4 non-AFK admins who have +BAN.
Line 2100: [2020-05-10 20:57:04.410] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #3: Nik735/(Billy Mungus): hey i got to go for 20min - heard by 4 non-AFK admins who have +BAN.
**Ticket 4 ** [2020-05-10 21:01:37.184] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Aeder1/(Carson Echard)->GuardianCZ/(Vuvuzela The Titun): I moved the warden into the lockup as he will be afk for approx 15 mins. At the end of they day you are the HoS, just try to follow space law and be as reasonable as you can :)

Line 6888: [2020-05-10 21:31:29.506] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #5: Astriker/(Michael Fisher): I asked botany for cardboard in exchange I would upgrade their machines now they are griefing me with zombie powder shit and making me yellow - heard by 4 non-AFK admins who have +BAN.
Line 7431: [2020-05-10 21:35:07.580] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #6: St0rmC4st3r/(Rips-the-Hearts): Cryo was moaning and generally ERPing during pacification surgery not that I cared myself really, but it is against the rules, as far as I know - heard by 4 non-AFK admins who have +BAN.
**Ticket 7 ** [2020-05-10 21:42:18.795] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: DVNOfourcapitalletters/(DVNOfourcapitalletters)->Aeder1/(Carson Echard): Thanks.
Line 7756: [2020-05-10 21:37:23.209] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #8: Midijamz/(Alexis Timbs): did ai ahelp before cryoing - heard by 4 non-AFK admins who have +BAN.
Line 8827: [2020-05-10 21:44:10.347] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #9: TeomanTheGreat/(Phil Smith): so is making slip plants and coating evac self antag? because if so bean da botanists - heard by 3 non-AFK admins who have +BAN.
Line 8999: [2020-05-10 21:45:50.675] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #10: Midijamz/(Alexis Timbs): looks like botany lubed the entire southeast wing - heard by 3 non-AFK admins who have +BAN.
Line 9225: [2020-05-10 21:48:14.210] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #11: TeomanTheGreat/(Phil Smith): also why is this healing virus sending me into space - heard by 3 non-AFK admins who have +BAN.
Line 9967: [2020-05-10 21:54:57.922] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #12: Gonas2013/(Ryan Headbash): This guy is killed me because i wanted my glasses back - heard by 4 non-AFK admins who have +BAN.

You will notice a lack of any tickets, PMs or anything to the 6 admins that were on at various points and generally at least 4 at once.

  • Nik735/(Billy Mungus): hey i got to go for 20min* is my favourite ticket shown here.
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thank you
the rest of the 20 minimum characters although it’s probably going over

im sure it is because I was warden a semi important role and waited for YOU specifically to respond so I didnt get banned even thought I was gone for 5 min I saw you were online so I made sure to bwoink and say id be gone longer so I didn’t get another 3 day job ban for a 15 min afk

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So you’re telling me that after banning you for going Afk, you took on a semi important role and then when needing to go afk followed the rules, mainly due to my previous actions?

Well gosh darn. I’m doing the lords work it seems.

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