[Aeder1] Admin Report

In-game misconduct:

Title: [Aeder1] Admin Report

CKEY: pinkblossom6

Your Discord: pinkblossom6

Offender’s CKEY: Aeder1

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): N/A

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03-08-2020

Round Number: 13254

Rules Broken (if relevant): N/A

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): 4b) "When writing notes, describe the misconduct and how the player responded."
  • Incident Description:

From the beginning of the game, I got my suit, my briefcase, headed to HoP line, where Ella was. I was waiting in the line with two other players, the Mime, and another figure if I recall correctly was a cargo tech. As I get closer to the desk, Michael Fisher lays down and sneaks past all the people in the line, at this time my game freezes like usual cause it’s always laggy, leaving me vulnerable for a few 1-2 seconds. During this time, I see the text “Michael Fisher tries to put the tinfoil hat on you!” or something in red and can’t respond to it, then when the game unfreezes, I’m immediately stunlocked. As my game unfreezes, he runs away. Of the three people in the line he decided to put it on, he put it on me. This was also when a slaughter demon was nearby during a wizard round, leaving me completely vulnerable in the round as I would get stunlocked and remained blinded for the entire duration the hat was on. When I ahelped this, it was marked as an IC issue, so I took it into IC means.

I stumbled around for a while until I got to medical bay, where the CMO took the hat off. After this, I found Michael and beat them up, then started taking them to medical bay to heal had a roboticist not tried to interfere for most of that time. During this, Aeder1 clearly was not orbiting me, taking into account that I was taking them to medical bay. They also later came back after the whole ordeal and noted me for the event with the highest marking for the note, when they themselves had written it off as “Adminhelp resolved as IC issue!” They also stated I “left them for dead.”, which is clearly wrong when I was blatantly taking them to medical bay.

Additional Information:

  • The tinfoil hat, cannot be taken off by the person the hat is on, and causes the conspiracy phobia. This can stunlock and blind someone for the entirety it’s on their head if the correct conditions are met.

Original ticket:

[2020-03-08 17:55:01.683] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #3: PinkBlossom6/(Angelica Stall): A random non-antag threw a tinfoil hat onto me and I literally can't take it off.

First of all as shown on discord

[2020-03-08 17:55:25.750] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Aeder1/(Acco Bifasciata)->PinkBlossom6/(Angelica Stall): apologies will look, clicked wrong verb
[2020-03-08 17:55:37.751] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: PinkBlossom6/(Angelica Stall)->Aeder1/(Acco Bifasciata): Thanks. This only makes Michael Fisher valids.

Appears ya did see it too. 24 seconds after clicking it you were told I was looking into it.

What you are unaware of is that there was also a ticket against you for murdering the guy.

[2020-03-08 18:02:53.714] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #7: /(Michael Fisher): Angellica Stall murdered me for putting a tinfoil hat on them
[2020-03-08 18:00:26.571] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: /(Michael Fisher)->Aeder1/(Acco Bifasciata): I dont think a hat you cant take off justifies murdering someone

You murdered them almost 8 minutes after being told I was looking into it.

Was a lot of back and forth and appeared that the other player didn’t understand what it does. A note was left with them anyway for this shitty behaviour. On the other hand you were next to 3 people, two in the line and HoP. All of which helped you within moments of having the hat put on you.

You may defend yourself against others, but avoid escalating the situation.
It’s not under dispute. Ya beat him to death wordlessly with a secure briefcase, the guy didn’t fight back, but that could be cause you flashed locked him.

You had to be stopped by another crewmember from beating his dead corpse

[2020-03-08 17:58:17.457] ATTACK: /(Sqonald Ulery) has grabbed /(Michael Fisher) passive grab (NEWHP: -102) (Command Hallway (97, 127, 2))
[2020-03-08 17:58:18.471] ATTACK: PinkBlossom6/(Angelica Stall) has kicked Astriker/(Michael Fisher) (NEWHP: -114) (Command Hallway (97, 127, 2))

Flashing his corpse

[2020-03-08 17:58:22.886] ATTACK: PinkBlossom6/(Angelica Stall) has flashed(AOE) Astriker/(Michael Fisher) with the flash (NEWHP: -114) (Central Primary Hallway (88, 122, 2))
[2020-03-08 17:58:34.802] ATTACK: PinkBlossom6/(Angelica Stall) has flashed(AOE) Astriker/(Michael Fisher) with the flash (NEWHP: -144) (Central Primary Hallway (88, 116, 2))

Other crew members taking him off you to take him to medbay, note the timing as you were still briefcasing and flashing his corpse

[2020-03-08 17:58:35.105] ATTACK: /(XSI-639) has grabbed Astriker/(Michael Fisher) passive grab (NEWHP: -144) (Central Primary Hallway (88, 115, 2))

You then grab him back and throw him into the main hallway and leave him.

[2020-03-08 17:59:01.056] ATTACK: PinkBlossom6/(Angelica Stall) has thrown Michael Fisher (Central Primary Hallway (99, 115, 2))
[2020-03-08 17:59:02.353] ATTACK: PinkBlossom6/(Angelica Stall) has grabbed /(Michael Fisher) passive grab (NEWHP: -191.7) (Central Primary Hallway (101, 115, 2))
[2020-03-08 17:59:02.356] ATTACK: /(Michael Fisher) has pulled from PinkBlossom6/(Angelica Stall) with Borat Todyr (NEWHP: 90) (Central Primary Hallway (100, 115, 2))

Other crew healing his body as it was too beaten to revive

[2020-03-08 17:59:16.883] ATTACK: Fucus/(Borat Todyr) has attempted to apply Astriker/(Michael Fisher) with the medical spray (synthflesh) /datum/reagent/medicine/synthflesh (60u) (NEWHP: -191.7) (Medbay Storage (89, 110, 2))
[2020-03-08 17:59:17.768] ATTACK: Fucus/(Borat Todyr) has attempted to apply Astriker/(Michael Fisher) with the medical spray (synthflesh) /datum/reagent/medicine/synthflesh (60u) (NEWHP: -191.7) (Medbay Storage (89, 110, 2))

That’s last interaction you had with him, throwing them into the corridor out of their workstation you got into. Seems like leaving for dead to me, especially with beating them so badly they can’t be cloned easily.

The people in the HoP line did not help. They didn’t take it off, so there’s that.

I was trying to take them to medical, but the others were too busy trying to attack me so I couldn’t really get there.

Sorry for the reeeeally late reply, I wasn’t even aware that this existed. Judging from what I can see, this situation seems to be too niche for a set thing for Aeder to do. Personally I can understand why you’d kill the HoP, though. Unless there are objections I’ll remove the note the next time we’re both online @pinkblossom6.

It wasn’t the HoP that did it. It was some random tider.

My bad, doesn’t change much though. Closing thread as nobody has objected to this.