Aeder 1 Admin Report

In-game misconduct:

Title: Aeder1 Admin Report

CKEY: AcidMind

Your Discord: Peemaster#8514

Offender’s CKEY: Aeder1

LRP or MRP server: Sage MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07-29-2020

Round Number: 19184

Rules Broken (if relevant):

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): Impartiality and transparency, Ticket Conduct, Rulings and Precedents. They lied in their ahelp, gave me contradictory ruling to the rules in relation to other admins and did not want to listen my side.

Incident Description: I entered the AI upload to reset its rules since the AI now had rules about freeing specific individuals out ( as it stated in general tcomms) and draining the power out of the brig in a confirmed revs round because they had a law saying "Electricity is harmful to sec". When I entered, the AI knew my intentions and took the turrets offline and opened the windoors so I could change its laws as I ordered it to. A borg named "BJORG" tried to get me out of there before AND after I used the "Reset" law board to change the AI's lawset by turning on the turrets and dragging me out. When I got tired of a percieved shitter from my part, who ignored their lawset and kept self-antagging, I flashed them, batoned them and left them in a far away area of brig for the whole round. Then the admin pinged me about them being allowed to get me out of there using non lethals since I """could""" harm the crew. When I told them another admin told me a few rounds ago that silicons should stick to their AI's interpretation of the lawset and not go by al "coulds", they simply ignored me, they didnt address me at all about what I just told them. They called me confrontational and lied in their ban reason since I never while talking with this admin said that my actions were justified just because I was a sec role.

Additional Information: Yeah here's photo proof.

Round still ongoing.

Unlisted due to ongoing round - Will relist once round ends

Ticket in a legible format, do you work for gyazo and get paid by the link?


Reply PM from AcidMind/(Ivan Yabrovich)
the borg “BJORG” has been reset yet still acts as a rev-helper

Reply PM from Aeder1/(Acco Bifasciata)
(Ivan(?|F) Yabrovich) (LOOC)) “you were reset, dont make me ahelps” Don’t do that.

Reply PM from AcidMind/(Ivan Yabrovich)
i killed the player for self antagging and not(?|F) follwing their lawset, deal with them

Reply PM from Aeder1/(Acco Bifasciata)
How did they not(?|F) follow laws

Reply PM from AcidMind/(Ivan Yabrovich)
i reset them, they still acted like an antag, getting me out of the AI upload and turning the turrets off, even if I was fixing the AI’s rev laws.

Reply PM from Aeder1/(Acco Bifasciata)
As a security(?|F) officer(?|F) you’re not(?|F) authorised to be in AI upload. The borg has every right to remove you to prevent crew harm, then you killed them.

Reply PM from AcidMind/(Ivan Yabrovich)
I reset the laws which were saboutaging security(?|F) and not(?|F) letting security protect the crew, I stated this to the AI and they understood it perfectly.

Reply PM from AcidMind/(Ivan Yabrovich)
me being authorized or not(?|F) inside the upload does not matter to their “RESET” lawset, they shouldnt have tazed me either way.

Reply PM from AcidMind/(Ivan Yabrovich)
Anything else? Their lawset didnt have any laws about “Care about authorization”.

Reply PM from Aeder1/(Acco Bifasciata)
Stop being confrontational. You’re in the wrong here. It is commonly ruled (and including in this case) that unorthorised people should not(?|F) be in upload from a borg+ai perspective due to the massive amount of harm it can cause the crew. In this case the borg was LAW1 trying to non-harmfully remove you ffrom the upload, and you beat them to death for it.

Reply PM from AcidMind/(Ivan Yabrovich)
The AI let me and the borg should have followed what its AI’s interpretation on the lawset is, last time I saw a silicon, an admin told me the borgs have to follow the AI’s interpretation of the lawset ALWAYS.

Reply PM from AcidMind/(Ivan Yabrovich)
And im not(?|F) being confrontational, I’m being confindent of being in the right here.

Reply PM from Aeder1/(Acco Bifasciata)
The issue came with you beating them to death and leaving that player to rot for the game for following their laws.

Reply PM from AcidMind/(Ivan Yabrovich)
They followed their own interpretation of the lawset, which an admin a few rounds ago told me was a wrong thing to do as a silicon.

has created a local temporary 7 days role ban from 6 roles for AcidMind.

Reply PM from AcidMind/(Ivan Yabrovich)
What, want me to get them to robotics out of pity?

Anyway thanks for the ban appeal. Notice no lies and also “contradictory to what other admins said”? :

Just because you’re sec doesn’t mean you have a free pass to the AI upload where you can upload whatever, when the borg tried to non lethally remove you, you beat him to a husk then hid the body.
You’ve been warned about shitsec behaviour many times.

This whole thing seems like an IC issue if you would get the borg to robotics (as I asked you to).
As security officer you are not authorized to be in AI upload. I understand you tried to fix the AI, but revs were not confirmed (I killed a traitor pretty early) and borg had every right to get you out.
I suggest closing tihs report, making ban appeal and sending Aeder a cake so your ban may get reduced to 1-3 day/s (7 days is pretty harsh).


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It’s 7 days role ban as security due to previous history of being a problem player in that role.
2 days from server.

I didn’t say anywhere that I was allowed to do what I did “just because I was security” and didn’t hint to that either, you lied in your ban reasoning and when I mentioned another admin telling me otherwise you straight up ignored me. While I played as silicon and did the exact same thing this borg player was doing, running on “coulds”, the admin told me that a cyborg must adhere to its AI’s interpretation of the lawset and not run on all “coulds”. The AI let me inside because I stated my intent and they agreed to let me in, the AI AUTHORIZED me.

who cares. If I were that cyborg I would get you out too. Borgs and AI are not just one player and information isn’t instantaneous.

I can’t see his history (nor I want to) but I stand by my opinion it’s kinda harsh given the circumstances.

As I said, an admin in a previous round told me that the cyborgs slaved to the AI must follow the AI’s interpretations of the lawset. The AI let me in and therefore the cyborg shouldnt have tried to get me out of there without a good reason other than “this mindshielded person might do crew harm after fixing the rogue lawset”.

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Reading over this - this seems more of a unban appeal then a Admin report.

When I play as AI I generally only permit RD or captain into my upload. Other AIs can do whatever they want.
The borg didn’t know you were permitted and got you out before AI could tell him that (logs needed). Either way you can punish cyborgs by locking them or ahelping them instead of just removing them from the round (which was pretty chill at the time).

I did an unban appeal too, but I want Aeder punished because they lied in their ban reasoning and didnt address me in game when I mentioned their ruling to be contradictory to another admin’s. In a previous situation when rulings were contradictory and I mentioned it in the ahelp, the admin didn’t ban me outright, they listened to what I had to say (not Aeder).

The AI said they were very sorry for the cyborg getting me out of the upload, so after the AI saying that, and me putting them to crewsimov, I assumed they were a shitter who didnt follow their lawset.

Okay, you see greytider slipping you a few times, maybe breaking a few windows. Do you kill him?
No? Same for borg. You disabled him but you are obligated to take him to robotics for law reset and let the AI deal with him.

A law reset would mean nothing for that player. I already resetted their laws manually through the cyborg law console inside the Upload chamber. I used the “RESET” law board on all cyborgs except “Brain.dead7” which was far from station.

You are not getting the point. AIs can deal with rogue borgs on their own.
This report isn’t going anywhere.