AE:G1S-AI! report

In-game report:

CKEY: Xeapor

Offender’s CKEY: CoffeePanda

Offender’s In-Game Name: AE:G1S-AI!

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05/29/22

Round Number: 38390

Rules Broken: 7 and 9

Incident Description: As an AI during a revolutionary round, CE came to check AI’s laws and then asked to hide in its sat.

The AI was on crewsimov.

The AI demanded he left, and when he refused he turned on lethals that shot at CE until he agreed to leave

Later when asked to state laws, they didn’t want to so they didn’t, despite their laws saying they must obey crewmembers. And then set beepsky on the CE for no reason.

Spent so much time attacking CE that the AI missed loads of requests from crew.

Additional Information: My mans here to serve the crew, you have to listen to crew and not just lethal them when they do something you don’t want to. If you can’t handle that, don’t play AI.

Screenshot 2022-05-29 212602


May have been efficiency lawset, unsure, but either way that’s just self antag


Was on efficiency. Saw RD and CE coming to my SAT with two other people and offered no resistance. Using the hand teleporter, they went straight into my chambers and carded which alerted me. I retaliated with using my disablers on them until I had enough as they left. However just before they destroyed my APC that controlled the doors to the outer parts of the chamber trapping CE who was still in my chambers. A little annoyed from being carded I told CE to leave. After they tried to leave, the APC was destroyed and it stopped them from leaving. Since they were CE I knew they could exit out with ease and mentioned they were going to stay instead. Since I know CE doesn’t have access to here naturally I demanded for them to leave while giving them multiple warnings to leave. I believe at this time I had my turrets set to disable but I swapped them to lethal in the means to get them to leave but had no interest in killing them. I was tuned out from communications while this person was there. My laws were still efficiency at this time and the only added law was that Rev lives do not matter. In time when CE was trying to actually leave I left them be until they were messing with announcements At that time CE was here just to mess around and I set arrest to them until they teleport out. Iono moment happened so I couldn’t much hear what CE had in plan and though CE was going to be a nusiance again so I brought beepsky out so they can go away and saw the laser gun on the floor and that really made me wary on what they had in plan. Eventually I stopped just to see what CE had in mind to come back for and it was to check on announcements and from that point I left them alone. I would admit using lethals at the time was not smart but I can’t say I enjoy people being in my chambers.

Doesn’t matter, you left them on for a while and it almost hit CE several times, and it would of had he not ran to your core. That’s self antag and directly against your laws.

You don’t really get a choice chief

Law 3 of efficiency states you must obey orders presented by crew as long as it didn’t conflict with the first two laws, which it didn’t.

If you don’t like being forced to do stuff, don’t play AI.


I was forcefully carded and placed back against my will and hindering my ability to do my laws. And like I said in my retaliation I blasted the others with disablers. That picture when Kat (CE) was requesting for me to stop beepsky couldn’t have been heard because at that time the ionospheric event was happening. Would I have stopped if I could hear it so I don’t appreciate it how you believe I was absolutely breaking law 3 ignoring this fact.

As well for CE not having have access to the inner parts of my chambers and silicon policy allows me to deny people access with probable cause that was created from the time I was carded. They were all teleporting (RD, CE and other coworkers) in with the hand teleporter and respecting that there were two heads so I didn’t do anything until they force into my chambers. When Kat stayed they did not requested any law 3s to stay and problems arose when CE kept staying in this restricted location and not working when it came to the broken APC I mentioned before.

I like playing AI and I don’t mind being forced to objectives or listening to the crew but you’re kind of blowing this out of proportions as well. You really haven’t gone into detail into what laws I was breaking in what way. All I could have seen is that CE was affecting my first two laws by not working efficient and being in a restricted part of the station. And with how law structures work, station efficiency is not asimov or crewsimov and I am allowed under this lawset to damage humanoids. And in time the CE did leave all hostilities did stop for the time and put an arrest on CE after they were messing with announcement. I didn’t target CE because I disliked them, but they just so happened to be in a location they could get out of and really didn’t listen. I wasn’t going out of my way to hurt them if that is the mindset you are having.

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It was like a second they carded you, to check your laws since there were multiple revs during that time, and frankly you were being sassy in command channel and refusing to state laws which made them suspicous of you in the first place. As I said, they took you out, looked at your laws, and put you back in. All done is a few seconds.

And they were authorised by cap. You stunlocked RD with turrets for no reason.

Then don’t have to “request a law 3”, any requests they make are automatically considered to be law 3.

"The station is built for a working crew. Ensure they are properly maintained and work efficiently. "

Damaging them when they pose no threat to you is not ensuring they are properly maintained.

My dude you turned on lethal turrets when they were standing outside your core. You had full intention to hurt them, and then you threatened to do it again if they didn’t leave.

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Threaten yes because they are not allowed to be there. If you said they were there to check on me then they should have left afterwards. I’m sure captain didn’t mention any extended stay that was going to be made by the captain.

I was acting on law 1 to get them out of a restricted area after being forcefully carded and acting on this part of the station is restricted since I am part of the station and this core is part of said station. I am a different AI player compared to other people.

Kat chose to sit in the core and mentioned that they were going to stay in the SAT. I can’t argue this because I do not know what exactly what was said and I didn’t feel as if I was being unreasonable because I had no acknowledgement of a request was happening. Yet you kind of keep arguing that even though you don’t seem too sure on what they requested. I worded it incorrectly and may have read it wrong but I don’t remember a request saying that they want to stay.

I did in defiance because like I said I was forcefully carded but they left in time and I didn’t really bug them afterwards. And I would have stunned too if they wanted change my laws because I am in my right to defend myself or laws unless something forces me not to do that. And they so happen to be in my core.

If I remember the moment right I think someone was being a gremlin so I thought it would have been funny to say “okay I will do it” and done it few moments later which I am allowed to do. Being sassy shouldn’t really be enough to warrant a suspicion especially there was no activities of me working against the crew. Though I can’t really argue this because I am not sure if the time frame is right so I need a check up on that.

Looking through this again, maybe I am just misinterpreting the lawset?

Either way, I will wait to see what an admin says

It’s been 16 days, please resolve

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I’m Kat, think I was hiding there to avoid Revs or something. I was mostly trying to hang out in telecomms, I was armed due to the threat of revs. I have access to your sat due to telecomms being below them, I do not have access to your chambers. Either way, this was definitely too harsh. I do vaguely remember this. Not sure if I was actually in your core room, I think maybe I was harassing you, but that still doesn’t justify shooting a command staff with lethals who had done nothing to your core.

Also when Beepsky was set on me I was attempting to access the teleporter to exit safely to bridge without passing through a potentially rev-ridden engineering hall. I believe I tried to explain this.