Adryfs banned by H42

Title: Adryfs banned by H42


**Admin’s CKEY:**H42

**Ban Type:**Global

**Ban Length:**Permanent

**Ban Date 2023-08-29

**Round ID:**39847

**Ban Reason:**Self antag

**Appeal Reason:**i was told to appeal here and the reason i would want to be unbanned is that even if what i did was considered self antag because of breaking in into security zones i really regret it i had just discovered that i could make creatures come to life by using xenobiology and it got me really excited about all the posibilities i shouldnt have done what i did in that round since i should have waited until i was an antag in order to do those things

**Additional Information:**thank you for your time

not only security zones but the zone that is below the bridge we also had a conflict with security

You sent your minions after an officer to kill them.

I was also in this round as a borgo, you were asked super nicely, several times by the AI, security and me (who you don’t really have to listen to, but i didn’t demand or anything and just asked) but you kept having your xenobio mobs, loose in xenobio, then they asked you to report to security to serve your time for destruction of station property and negligence, you commanded the xenobio mobs to kill a secoff, as a nonantag for them doing their job, you then stashed the dying body in the science break room, and had your creatures attack the secoff, the HoS (Morgan Strange) and the captain (forgor name)

i didnt by that point i was already offline the only thing that i ordered was that they attack aaron since he said he would use lethals

i didnt stash anybody since i didnt witness my creations killed anybody i was only informed of the death of aaron

i assume what happened with morgan strange is that my creatures were left in xeno after i left and they protected it and killed the people who broke in

as i said none of the things that i did while having those creatures under my control was justified it was clearly self antag but not to the point of causing the death of the hos and cap i belive but it was clearly wrong i got carried away since i was really excited about this

it is really cool, if you haven’t I suggest checking our xenobio section in the wiki, you can do some really fun and interesting stuff in there, besides botany it’s my favorite

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Hello, thanks for appealing!

I sent you to the forums since you disconnected before I could talk to you during the round.

You went over everything I was concerned about. Since you have done similar things in the past month with self-antagging, I will reduce this ban to a 3-day ban. I encourage you to take a look through the server rules and to double-check if Beestation is right for you.

Have a good one!