Admiral event chain footage gathering thread

Post all your footage from “the admiral will remember that !” event chain here. Hell, maybe someone will make a movie like montage and post it in the name of beestation or some shit.

I’ll add my own raw footage below once I’m done converting it :

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Ever wondered about that Lowwy Thorley guy?
Who was he? Why was he experimenting with those oozes? Was he really a doctor?!

Find out the answers below:


Very cool. I want to see more videos they look cool


I could tell he was going to betray you that whole prison scene. He kept pulling his revolver out and putting it back in. Not to mention the way he was talking. Dammit Lowwy, you should have brought Edward with ya. Also, nice edits.

the character with best footage dies halfway trough the story

Very related image


That one time I needed a pink haired lawyer, and you were nowhere to be found!

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