Admins should deadmin if they're a headrole, security, antag, or otherwise are playing a position that can majorly affect the round

This should be codified as an official policy. When you’re a major participant in the round, such as being an antag, head, security, or whatever, you should NOT have the wide access to information on the round that an admin has and shouldn’t be dealing with tickets that can provide that information.

It’s a major conflict of interest and after having been reminded of my experience with an admeme who nominated themselves as cult leader while doing tickets for a major part of the round I feel that this should be written down as POLICY before we end up with this type of situation again.

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It sort of is codified already

Admin Conduct Rule #5. Playing the Game

When ingame as a player, it’s advised to de-admin while playing essential roles
Essential roles include: Antagonists, Heads of Staff, Security, and Silicons. Though this rule is not strictly enforced it is recommended to follow to avoid any incidental metagame. If you’re the only admin online feel free to ignore this rule to maintain activity in tickets.
Inform the other admins online if you are going to deadmin in order to play.
This rule is simple common courtesy to keep the admin team informed and coordinated. While not heavily enforced if caught abandoning admins during a busy round to avoid tickets you may be punished.
If you are alone and wish to play, stay adminned.

You shouldn’t roll antag or head or security if you’re the only admin online then to avoid this exact sort of situation.

If you feel you were wronged in some way, post an admin report - Pay mind to the last line of that rule I bolded though