Adminless Round 24324 Player Report

In-game report:

   CKEY: The Maggot Guy

   Your Discord: Yes

   Offender’s CKEY: Grypho

   LRP or MRP server: The Admin-Forbidden Zone

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Security Cyborg-723

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11-23-2020

   Round Number: 24324

   Rules Broken: Silicon Policy

Incident Description: I spawn in as clown. Find that the pie and the pie launcher are still there after a 1 hour round. Shoot it at engie. Borg flashes me and steals it because “human harm”. Later flashes me and steals my electric guitar. I chase borg to try and get it back, and steal and space someone’s fire axe. Because I exposed myself to space, the borg arrests me because, and I quote: “You tried harm yourself.” and “You tried to go to spa©e.” and “You are suicidal. You need to be kept restrained.” I wasn’t even human.

Additional Information: Don’t think it warrants a player report but the RD said creepy things like “The only thing a clown loves more then kids is molesting them. It causes human harm.” And then later kidnapped me, but this was because I stole his axe so it may be IC.

Edit: Formatting

Did he keep you contained for the entire round?

The borg didn’t, I was able to free myself. The RD did however, but the round ended shortly thereafter.

Seems like a slightly shitter borg, but it’s not direct violation of the silicon policy if you didn’t tell him to stop.

i told him to stop. 2020

I agree with this, but I don’t think this is actionable by itself.
This player is from 2012 and doesn’t have a particularly bad record.

Glanced over the logs anyway just to check for anything that stood out and didn’t see anything in particular.

Report Processed