Administration / notashark - "no overt jokes in IC" (PERMABAN)

Oh boy, How do you make yourself(notashark) and administration look bad? Just ban someone for making a joke! (I am not joking.)

Reason for ban: Refusal to cooperate in a ticket afzer spouting seth memes in ic. Come to the forusm and we can sort this out

There was a joke going around in IC about putting cameras in the bathrooms/watching people in the bathrooms.

I said “Mandatory penis inspection day?” I got a few laughs and then got a message from notashark about no overt jokes allowed in IC.

He tried to explain to me that “this is no place for overt jokes in IC” and there should be “no reason for putting memes in IC from “seth””? (I’m assuming the youtuber?)

Fine no worries, I just won’t joke around at the start of the round in IC from now on, no big deal.

I continue playing for about 5 mins after he told me to not do it again. I didn’t respond after he asked “do you understand” because he made it very clear. (Just ban me if I do it again. duh.)

Then I get another message from notashark, he asked “do I get a response?” in a snarky remark, and all I responded with was “no”. (Which is a response, just not the one you were wanting…for a joke…This was blown up way out of proportion.)

Then I get Perma banned for not properly responding to a joke? ahahaha, they really do write themselves.

On a more serious note, I went on the rules 1-15 and see nothing about this being against the rules.

I even searched keywords within the rules “joke”, “admin”, “overt”, “respect” and re-read all the rules again.

So lets go through each rule to make sure we have an understanding.

0 Admin Discretion - Admins can do whatever they feel is necessary, regardless of the rules. (Understandable have a nice day.)

1 You Must Roleplay, which in this case I was joking around in IC. 1-8, N/A

2 No Powergaming, N/A

3 Do your job, I was in the middle of healing someone before I was banned. (I was medical staff)

4 Ticket Conduct, down below.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful but this just makes notashark look bad and I am just telling it how it is. Sorry. (Just as admins are expected to remain respectful during tickets, so are players - do not take out your frustrations on the admins and understand we can’t always share full details of why something occurred as the round is going on.)

Notashark made it very clear what not to do. “Do not post overt jokes in IC”

I didn’t think I needed to respond after he made that clear.

But continued to push the issue by saying “Do you understand?” I ignored it because it was crystal clear what he wanted.

Then had to ask “do I get a response” in a snarky remark. which he got the response “no”, for a joke that could have been swept under the rug…OR COULD HAVE EXPLAINED IT TO ME.(nope permaban)

  1. Ignoring an admin PM or quitting the game after receiving one may result in a ban. You can explain yourself on the forums afterwards.

Okay I will admit, I am at fault on this part.

notashark made it very clear what he wanted but you don’t have push the issue farther into a perma ban for a joke however.

Reason: you can just ban me if I do it again. (?)

  1. Give the admin a quick “Just a min” or something if you’re unable to immediately respond to a bwoink.

I have messaged a couple of admins from the times I play on the server with no issues.

  1. Do not harass or insult admins in a ticket.

I didn’t harass or insult notashark but must have hit a nurve for giving a response “no”.

  1. Do not spam tickets or attempt to get a different result from a different admin.


  1. Lying or being intentionally misleading in tickets may result in a ban.

I am telling it how it is. notashark can pull all the logs if he would like.

5 Players Must Be 18 Years of Age or Older, N/A

6 No ERP or Pornographic content, N/A

7 Be Excellent to Each Other,

I wasn’t trying to be an asshole but the “no” response must have been deal breaker.

8 Do Not Grief,

Not really trying to grief. if you are going to push the issue farther than it needs to be and ask “are you going to respond?” in a snarky manner and I say no, which is a response…just because you don’t like it you perma ban someone…in my experience this is just unprofessional.

9 Do Not Self-Antag, N/A

10 No Advertising/Recruiting, N/A

11 No Multikeying, N/A

12 Head of Staff conduct, N/A

13 Antagonist Conduct, N/A

14 Metagaming and Meta-communications, N/A

15 Leaving the Game, I was in the middle of healing someone with brute damage before I got banned.

I can understand following administration guidelines/rules but if you are just gonna straight up make up a rule and tell me I cannot joke around, fine! But then push the issue farther than it needs to be…Shameful display sir.

TL;DR Please notashark, show off the chat logs and everything to make yourself look better but all in all, It was a joke in IC and I didn’t do it again only to be permaban because you were pushing the issue farther than it really needed to be.

Note: This is a good way to slowly kill off your player base for a niche videogame with a low player count via bad moderators/admins.

This is just to funny writing this out, notashark if you are reading this. I cannot express how hilarious this makes you look.

It would have been 10x funnier if I was a clown.

What can you do. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Keep me banned, unban me, its really up to you guys ultimately

I play this game on my laptop in my free time every couple of months. I thought it would be a good vibe coming back and seeing other crew members.

But it seems the current administration needs to have a re-cap with notashark on how to properly handle situation like this; so that other victims do not get perma banned for simply telling a joke IC and having administration push the issue to a point of a ban.

This forces me to write this entire book. Not everyone is willing to write a book about their experience just to be unbanned for a ridiculous reason.

I just wanted to make this clear, I wouldn’t be writing this out if it was just an hour ban or a simple kick.

But no, notashark had to make this a bigger issue than it has to be.

I probably will not follow up because of how this turned out from a simple joke to a perma ban is nonsense.

Thanks notashark, You are doing a great job showing how important the player base is to the server and how administration handles tickets from the beestation rules…and making up rules…

Keep up the good work!

Here are the details for the ticket below.


Refusal to cooperate in a ticket afzer spouting seth memes in ic. Come to the forusm and we can sort this out

Ban Date: 2023-06-15 17:18:26

Expire Date: Never

Round: 44493

Server: All

Admin: notashark

Role: Server

Thank you if you unban me!

Sorry you had to have another crew member fall into the vacuum of space (Banned), See you next time cowboy.

Its a permaban if you dont reply regardless of the reason why you where you were ticketed

Or something like that

Thanks for doing our quality control for us lmao