Adminbus ideas thread

Hi everyone, ideas guy here. I come to share with you an adminbus idea I had that I shared with one of the admins. I was told to post it here .

Idea for an adminbus event: A bunch of clowns have managed to break free from prison in Central Command and they took clown contraband and a pod and managed to flee. They are going to the station and they are all armed with dangerous clown gear like the shoes that generate bananas and the infinite pie cannon from the uplink. Of course the clown of the station could try to befriend them and help them.
The station must collaborate to catch them all non-lethaly before a CC team comes to get them. And they better be all catched before that CC team comes to pick them all up.

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“Custom bounties with a cash goal”
Before the round, the cargo bounties are removed and a paper detailing the plan is placed at the Captain’s and QM’s offices. The goal of the station is to acquire a certain sum of cash in the cargo budget. Either a CC representative or a faxed paper regularly delivers several unusual bounties at a time, such as “a tank with an air mix that’s safe to breathe but also makes you laugh”, “a full course dinner”, “an oozeling healing mix”, “an aquarium built on the cargo shuttle” etc. Money is added to the cargo budget based on the quality/how close the sent items are to the request. The cargo budget card would be moved off-station to prevent easy cheesing with it.

Several traitor antagonists would be injected with custom objectives, such as disrupting the item delievery/stealing said items, or getting a certain amount of cash themselves. A pirate raid could be spawned midway through, with the intention to raid the vault and siphon the cash, if things go too smoothly.

This just sounds like you want a free antag pass tbh.


A literal bus.


I don’t want a free antag pass, maybe im not in round or im not the clown. Clown could also help haunt them and keep their gadgets in a win-win situation for clown or stuff like that

That’s actually a pretty good bus

Since traitor Items are Stolen from NT property If you are about to make a new tot item public, then the round before, make a custom station objective to build/construct/research that thing and give objectives for traitors to steal the parts or the item itself.

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the crew is placed onto a regular station, but meteors are coming so they gotta take the tele or gateway to TUBE-STATION.


1- Game show
“How well do you know your co-worker?”, a popular NTV hypernet show, has chosen %stationname for their next episode! The production team will be on the station shortly! Please assist them as the best you can, and volunteer to be contestants!

The game show would be basically; You get pairs of volunteers that think they know each other well, and you ask them questions. If they answer the question the same, they win prizes!
You’d ask the first person “Where did you grow up?” and then you put them in an isolation booth after they answer, and then get the other person to answer “Where did your partner grow up?”
An opportunity for character lore development and for people to get the spotlight for their character. Buy in from “centcom” could make this the central premise of the round!

Ghost spawns: camera man, a couple producers (told to build the stage area, including an “isolation chamber” for contestants to go in while the other person answers a question) as well as a host!

Would probably require greenshift.

2- Ghost ship
“An unidentified ship is in the same bluespace envelope (Z-Level) as the station, readings are highly irregular. Proceed with caution.”

Basically a ruined ship is in the same bluespace envelope as the station. Horror vibes with blood and blankbody enemies waiting for the crew.
There could be interesting logs on ship, blankbodies and other agressive mobs, maybe some ghost-spawn agents, and a fun lore payoff at the end, like the ship containing clones of beestation statics like Marina, Talyor, etc, playing into the oddness that comes with the “past rounds aren’t strictly canon” situation.

This one would clearly require pre-work, but I’d be happy to get into mapping and whatnot to assist! I just think the ideas really cool.


Your station have been nominated to host the Space Olympics, crew would volunteer to compete against each other in a number of sports, (Boxing, Track, Speed shooting etc.)
If there is enough ghosts, maybe have centcoms own teams compete against the crew.

Winners of each sport would receive a trophy as well as a some other prize (large amount of money/some theme’d item to the sport)

Could be funny to have Syndicate have their own team as well for some unfriendly competition


That would be FANTASTIC. Syndicate vs NT vs Golems vs Space Pirates vs Wizards in Olympcs. All combat except boxing disabled. Full sports

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“I swear this shit gets fucked, I’m almost glad I won’t remember any of this durring the work day, I don’t know where or how NT H.R. manages to keep this many clone instances around but frankly seeing my self in a tube is not something I think I could walk away from if they didn’t lock it up in a different part of my head”

  • Kalavi Lumen, N.T.S. [Classified] operation report.
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I think it’d be cool if this was a bluespace section. Take a snapshot of a round with a high concentration of bodies and blood and paste it on the same map and area. Make lights flicker and make people hallucinate screams; shooting and bombs in the distance. And this is me dreaming: Make normal and current crewmembers vanish from your view whilst there.

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> walk into medbay
> see your own mangled corpse
> walk out of medbay


delete and varedit random things in the MC at random and see how long the game lasts before melting down


You mean see how long it’ll last until Bacon/Crossed melt down and permaban you.
Sounds fun, I’m in


I’ll throw one that we all want in secret.

Force a REVOLUTION round.
Every time I’m the Hos I’m shivering if its the day…


This is the one brain wash I’ve always wanted to do to a roboticist as an abductor. lol


it will probably be a miner that gets revhead and then the round ends in 2:00 minutes