Admin note appeal

CKEY: iocanthos

Admin’s CKEY: Moccha

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP

Ban Type: n/a

Ban Length: however long the notes stick around

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): n/a

Round ID: 10259 // Duration: 3 hours and 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Ban Reason: n/a

Appeal Reason:

Note itself:

Greytided and powergamed, resulting in him ruining a antag’s round. Give them a fat ban if they do it again.

Additional Information:

Wall of text incoming:

The round was over three hours long and the bwoink as well as the note occurred at least past the 2 hour mark. In other words several things have happened. If I recall correctly, the admin was not present in the round for most of its duration.

Was playing an assistant. During 2+ hours things have occured like station plummeting into absolute darkness as we had no engineering, traitors fighting sec and we even have had a space dragon spawn. Security at that point was aware I was packing, hell even received beanbag rounds refills from them, however they would not take me in as we had plenty of secforce at the time.

During the shift I did use what I could in the maint, kept a stash with improvised ammo and improvised shotty just in case. Kept running a prepper characted that would stand up for fellow spessman but was skeptical about “the man”, since not an antag, would do best to assist the station. Provided I get compensated.


There was a callout that a certain chemist needs to be captured and taken to brig, havent seen him a second ago I went back beanbagged him + 1 round of improvised as I was not away there would be a delay on the stun. Patched the chemist up and took him to brig. Please mind you that was in the central hallway between brig and bridge, while the antag was already cuffed and limping. Excessive force - for sure but its not what the bwoink was about.

I got bwoinked shortly after asking why I shot him - explained that there was a call to catch him having seen him a second ago I went for him while trail is hot.

Was asked why I had a shotgun, replied that the shift was long and a lot of stuff has happened already, at somepoint I stolen it from bartenders room. Was met woth a condescending reply which was roughly “greytiding and admitting to it, cool”, I replied that I while I appreciate someone putting their free time into helping out the game I do not appreciate being talked down.

Was left with a note that you see above.

Now, without context any admin looking at the note will think I am a rampant shitter and may treat me as such to some degree. There was no greytiding, the character looked for ways of keeping his ass safe, after a lot of has happened on the station AT THAT POINT, I did not ruin the antags round - he was already identified and cuffed by someone else, I mearely moved his ass back to brig.

The round was long and I do not expect someone to go out of their way to thoroughly check what happened, however the admin cited me with things that did NOT happen, and had a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ mentality when dealing with the situation.

To close it off, I will be the last person in the world to say I dont push boundaries or make mistakes but I own up to them. I would at the very least expect other people to do the same.

If you got this far you are a damn hero.