Admin moment

griefer on LRP, causing chaos.

admins: “i sleep”

mrpers not following spess law:

admins: “real stuff”

the only admin that has been on today is perished LOL

lol 3 lol 2.1 lol 2

Maybe because on mrp people at leadt TRY to follow rules, and dont just disregard them because “part of muh lrp culture, dipshit jannie”?

Seriously though, been playing lrp exclusive for some time, quite satisfied, but jesus christ are you all crybabies.
No admins: “uuuuuuugh furry admins busy erping”
Admins:“uuuuugh its clearly accepted here, dipshit”

They get killed by non-antag:“uuuuuugh its against the ruuuuuules”
They kill as non-antag: “uuuuuuugh they clearly valid”

Just be fucking polite and reasonable in your ooc communication to jannies and new players for once, jesus christ


i mean there was literally a griefer on killing everyone, but ok.

and no admins to ban he

Admins admin when they can.
It’s not a job you get paid for, it’s something you do in your SPARE TIME.

Not everyone has the SPARE TIME to admin constantly.

And I literally banned him and offered to adminheal anyone that was killed, you need to learn the virtue of patience.

Fair enough, but can’t we AT LEAST get one of the admins to come to LRP from MRP? If nothing to ban the obvious griefers.

They do come to LRP. Quite often, even. Considering the amount of admins and that MRP is still priority for most, what we have right now is quite reasonable.

Be patient and someone else might become an LRP-centric admin, or, hmm, be the change you want to see.

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I like the sound of that. Considering some of our older community members hang out on golden its actually quite a surprise its lrp struggling with admins.

Every LRP is a known shitter and yall refuse to give them a chance