Admin decisions etc

Am I correct that there is no private way to get decisions looked at? Everything has to be done in public? Like, if I wanted to bring something up that was protected by whatever privacy rules the admins have, like not posting the content of others notes or ahelps etc., I’d have to do it on a public forum and therefore forego any expectation of privacy by said rules?
If that’s the case, you can only challenge authority if you want to give up your privacy, which seems like bullshit. So clearly I must be mistaken or have overlooked a channel or something… anyone able to fill me in?

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You can DM any admin on discord or on the forums. And if you need higher confidentiality DM either one of us headmins. Or go straight to our host if needed.


Well, I don’t consider Discord private in the slightest, but I appreciate the info that forum DMs are open if needed.
Not sure why I’m surprised the go-to method is airing dirty laundry in public, but I guess most people aren’t bothered.
Anyway, thanks.

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