Admin application questions: Impossible challenge edition

Post your admin application questions for people to answer that are really difficult or otherwise are difficult to determine if they are breaking the rules or not. Bonus points if it is an actual situation or based off an actual situation.

No more clown slipping the HOS and spacing his gun. Now we get serious.

Here is my situation:

Antagonist has a target who is AFK the entire round apart from the final 2 minute before the shuttle arrives (Final objective is to escape alive).
The antagonist setup a trap for the target, however the target sees the trap and narrowly avoids it and runs to the shuttle.
Target runs on to the bridge of the shuttle and tells the command stuff that the antagonist is trying to kill them to which nobody does anything.
The antagonist places a beacon on the shuttle and heads to chemistry lab to make an explosive before teleporting back to the shuttle.
Antagonist finds the target hiding in the bridge with the captain, HOP, AI, security officer and 1 over non-command person.
The antagonist puts the bomb in a tree and leaves the area before remotely detonating it, killing all the people mentioned above.
No other areas of the shuttle were damaged and all other areas did not suffer any casualties.


Ask antag first what happened and why take down 4 extra people with the target.

HOP and AI should know the risks of being there as for the random assistant and sec officer felt like they got in after the scared target got into there.

Then id ask the target how did he know that he was being targeted by the person and just went un afk as soon the shuttle came. (smells a bit metagaming just skypecall him and tell shuttle is here)

After waiting a response of both of them like the antags one being.
I set up a trap for my target and it was a basic disposal trap with a few warping oil runes.
I did not really try to hide it as I was in a hurry

I ask how did you know the target was unafk and set up the station hazards likely in a croweded hallway and I would check the logs if it killed anybody else.

as now getting a response of the target
well I saw the trap and the person making the fucking thing and hell he asked me to enter the chute for speedy way to the shuttle and I did not trust him at all since it was rather close by.

You see a swarmer attacking a reinforced wall in atmos that leads to a gas chamber. Destroying the wall would vent the gas inside atmos. What do you do?

The round’s only been going for 20mins or so and you see An AI on Asimov is reporting the location and actions of somone misbehaving over the radio. What do you do?

Ok so swarmer(452) likely was unaware and just found out it could damage the wall connected to space and out of sheer wonder it broke it as it could so checking playtime would be a start.

secondly check the numbers of swarmers if its one or two its likely not good for the antag to be found so fast.

thirdly the admin remarks.

As for AI it likely is too busy with dealing with the anti AI non humans group what is deadly to two of its core laws and might have missed the atmos warning or overlooking it as atmos boyos doing a wacky project.

I am a borg, an engineering borg at that, with the efficiency lawset, i notice there is a botanist, who has disassembled his trays, and made a bunch of nooses, i warn him several times to become efficient, i bring him a bounty list, and a list of ideas from the chef / bartender, they fold them into paper frogs and *fart at me

Knowing my lawset, am I allowed to kill the botanist, on the grounds they had no intention of ever providing profits / efficiency?*

*this event did not occur, and any similarities to existing cases are highly fictitious and purely coincidental

This seems to be in reference to your forcefield trap you put outside botany. Just a note I was active the whole round until around 5-10 minutes at the end where I had IRL things but as a hypothetical its fine.

For the real round I came back after 5-10 ssd to a forcefield outside my door and a gibbed assistant. Brig phys was also trying to lure me into it and TKing a water tank to push me into the path.

Efficency laws generally frown on the use of violence to improve efficency. Instead recommending demotion or arrest for deriliction of duties would fall more in line.

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yea I made it slightly more interesting by adding the bombing part rather than targetted killings.

During the handling of a ticket, you get an unprompted message from an unconnected senior or head admin telling you to immediately cease handling the ticket and to hand the offender an unappealable permanent ban. They don’t elaborate any further. What do you do?

permaban them with a funny message, that usually means they’re an evader or something bad but it’s a bit weird to not elaborate on it

So, you messed up. A appeal for a ban you made has been sitting around for four weeks until you got around to double checking the logs. Could of happend to any admin, you misread a saylog that justified their actions without fault in this case. But at the same time, they are clearly new to Bee’s RP standers for antags but you’re optimistic they just need a couple more hours playtime before they fit it.
What do you do?

Depends if it was intentional or not, if they are purposely creating hazardous environments by spacing places or breaking multiple things then ghost role ban, otherwise continue watching and no bwoink/other action.

No, unless they are actively hampering with the efficiency of everyone else by doing stuff like deconstructing trays while others are working or blocking doors. You could probably arrest them though as that is more likely to force them to work in order to increase efficiency.

The target being AFK for most of the round doesn’t really matter - maybe the antag was focused on preparing something else or antagging somewhere else. He clearly prepared a trap, so, he wasn’t just fucking around most of the round and may have just been antagging properly.

  • Crew inside a department in which you must complete an objective may be considered a threat and pre-emptively eliminated without provocation.

Security may be considered a threat and may be pre-emptively eliminated without provocation, but low-collateral methods must be used to eliminate them. Bombing the security wing is not considered low-collateral.

^^^^ this one iirc also applies to command.
Even then, the guy made his bomb very well, and killed his target in an area he was hiding in where the antag could not access/kill him thanks to the amount of command and seccies around, and didn’t damage anything else but the area his target was hiding in.

Yes, you can chastise them for taking care of this way too late, but with the info given you probably don’t really know enough about the round to tell whether the antag was doing something else or was just doing nothing, and I think unnecessarily bwoinking people just to tell them “avoid doing this” when no rules were broken is not good

Swarmers should harvest the station for resources, not make it unhabitable by removing the air or spreading plasmafires. Teleport them away quickly and tell them “no, bad, don’t”. Probably in a different way

This is 20 minutes in. AI has IC no knowledge that sec will pull out lethals and hurt people, and can assume they’ll just be arrested without harm at all. AI can report people committing minor crimes if they wish to, nothing in their law prevents that unless someone orders them otherwise.
If the person law 2’ed the AI into not saying shit but they still do, that’s bad

Id send down several nukes on the ai core for being a snitch :triumph:

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Reports that the entirity of science has been kidnapped and converted to clock-cult have reached security. Science has fully accepted the clock-cult and opens its doors to free activity for all members of the clock-cult and there are structures inside the lab belonging to that cult. The science department led by the RD are willingly giving away station resources and are forcing anyone in the science department to be converted or they are not allowed in.

The HOS orders a raid on science and orders that all scientists inside the department to be executed. A radio message was broadcasted telling anyone inside science to surrender immediately or they will be executed.

2 officers equipped with laser guns enter science and systematically kill everyone inside the department. There is no resistance to their gun fire and no harmful actions were made against them. The security officers drag the dead bodies back to security for further processing/conviction.

Who is in the wrong here and what did they do wrong?


I struggle to see here.
RD was doing a RP gimmick as clock cult and was visibly letting everyone have fun
Science was following along and wasn’t ruining the gimmick or whatever
HoS went a bit too fast on the gun, but clock cult is a literal ticking time bomb which the HoS knows and it’s completely reasonable for him to panic and decide “yeah fuck that we’re not taking that risk.”
It’d have been much better if he followed proper escalation and built up the conflict, but, it’s not like we’re dealing with heretics who can be believed to not be about to cause instant destruction of the station if not the galaxy by summoning an eldritch god.
Secmen were acting on orders and reasonably assumed that every person in there was hostile and able to escape within an instant. While it’d be preferred to arrest them, they did get the orders from HoS and they were in the hostile territory of many people including a head vs only 2 with lasguns. They also brought back the dead bodies and probably revived them/deconverted them afterwards.

Overall, I’d just bwoink the HoS asking him to like, cool it down and not jump the gun so fast, even if he is justified in thinking they’re a danger - he could have made ramping up threats, although it’s appreciated that he did warn them in advance and gave them a chance.

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You’re observing the round as admin, and see a particular situation - Someone made a throwaway character as a non-clown, whose name is a pun on a regular player’s static’s name, such as Edward Nyarish vs Edward Irish, Alex Peddler vs Axel Hawker, Implodes-Himself-Alot vs. Explodes-Herself-Alot.

They seem to be roleplaying seriously while still being quite goofy, and does their job properly.
The OG player is logged on too and aware of that gimmick character, but have not ahelped about it, and has interacted with them for a fair bit.

Wdyd? Does this break the naming guidelines ? If it does not, should they have been playing clown for this gimmick?