Adjust Rule 4

Specifically, this section of Rule 4:

Rule 4. You Must Roleplay

[…]Use a lore-friendly name, and follow the naming conventions for your species. Do not use the names of famous real/fictional people/characters. Naming yourself after pop-culture items, icons, or references is also prohibited. Only clowns can use meme names.[…]

Authorize people to name themselves however they want. Why? because this opens up more opportunities for a different kind of gameplay. Had a couple rounds on MRP where myself and security had an interesting Solid Snake in a box vs patrols play.

The restriction is pointless and restricts roleplay as opposed to enhances it. Especially so when there are already multiple references to various outside media present (the box and one of syndie helmets MGs easter eggs in this case for example).

And while it could be argued that being able to name oneself freely could break immersion … Being named Solid Snake probably does so less than a giant paper fortress filled with stick men and stick dogs, which for some unexplained reason is considered “lore friendly”.



Not happening - naming policy has and will always be a thing for RP servers. I am going to be opening the floor to re-writing the naming policy for both Apids and Moths because there are many great names for both that the current policy does not allow, but naming policy as a whole is going nowhere.

Play on LRP if you don’t want to follow RP rules.

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Alright. Then how should I interpret the presence of objects which break rule 4 in game? For instance random spawns of a forteress made of paper, with an army of stickmen and stickdogs wandering it? And yes, it did spawn within MRP.

Or … Does the lore account for that?

Can’t really say lore explains it, no - it’s a totally alien experience just as it would be if it happened IRL.

I can tell you the small handful of quirky experiences in SS13 don’t exist for you to dismantle RP rules because you’re upset someone told you to change your name.

Well. While it might look like I’m upset, I assure you that is not the case. I do apologize if it sounds that way. I’m merely trying to understand a system, there where I can not see one.

I am confused by what seems to me as a contradiction: On the one hand, enforcement of lore, at the detriment of RP quality. On the other hand, disregard for the lore at the detriment of that same rule.

I do not understand in why in one case breaking rule 4 is fine, and in another, it is not. And I’m trying to figure what I’m missing.

EDIT: If I were to be upset about something, it would actually be the papers and the stickmen. Not about being told to change my name. That place is … Immersion breaking, to say the least.

I stand by saying the fact something wacky exists isn’t a reason to dismantle rules intended to uphold immersion to an extent. This world is a work of science fiction in general, and includes several other difficult to believe concepts such as Space Wizards.

I don’t follow the jump in logic and stand by saying: We have a server for those that don’t want to RP; if you don’t want to follow RP rules go to the server that doesn’t enforce them. We have players on that server that go by names such as Deedee Megadoodoo, Tiananmen Square Massacre, and even someone who went by Solid Snake.

Well, then maybe I misunderstand something. The point I’m trying to make is, that something wacky itself breaks RP. Breaks those RP rules. As said, I understand why rules exist. What I don’t understand is why those rules are being implemented partially.

Specifically, why does this wackiness exist, if rules are to be followed? Plenty wacky, terrifying and alien concepts already exist. But those all fit in with the lore, with the atmosphere and more importantly, with RP. Stickmen and a paper fortress does not. It’s precisely because I WANT there to be more RP that I’m inquiring.

I’ll try to explain the logic a little bit better. I was roleplaying as a space digger. Getting ready to explore space, mine for valuable ressources, find derelict ships and stations. And once I am prepared, I settle out on a mission only to find … Newsgrounds stickmen. Isn’t it obvious that such a thing breaks RP? The entire effort which went into roleplaying, into preparing for a mission, playing out a space salvager, all of it out the window because … Stickmen?

To re-iterate. I don’t mind there not existing Deedee Megadoodoo, Tiananmen Square Massacres and Solid Snakes. I do mind there existing Newsgrounds stickmen which ruin RP and immersion. Does that explain my position better?

It does, but it sounds like your suggestion should be to remove stickmen rather than dismantling RP rules.

Wait until they hear that Sean Heckendora the Second isn’t Rule friendly name

Perhaps. If such, I should modify my original inquiry. I merely assumed that you would be unwilling to remove content and as such suggested the first thing that popped into my mind. I do not want to sound inquisitive, or combative.

The stickmen experience really made me question the extents of Rule 4 and it’s inner functioning. That is why I brought it up the way I did. If the game itself breaches Rule 4, my first instinct was to adjust Rule 4. But if you would be willing into looking into the game itself to make it fit Rule 4 better, then perhaps I should’ve went into that direction.

Should I edit my original inquiry, then?

if anything doesnt sound lore friendly, its either space wizards or bluespace

you keep on talking about that stickman fortress? guess what its probably just made by a bored space wizard who animated a sketchbook or something

there are no plotholes, only space wizards and bluespace

On the one hand, enforcement of lore, at the detriment of RP quality. On the other hand, disregard for the lore at the detriment of that same rule.

Actually the name rule has very little to do with RP. It might say it’s for RP purposes on paper but its true power is preventing Ni- Mc Fa- from being in your game. (name used for example purposes only)

Yeah honestly i like seeing people actually impersonate a fictional character, but seeing mr N for the 100000th time is just not funny

You could just ask hop to rename your id to funny stuff or you can buy chameleon id and mess with it.

It’s not real roleplay if someone’s not telling you how to have fun by enforcing arbitrary rules