Aden Pratt Unkown CKEY Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: rkvothe14

Your Discord: kvothe#0027

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Aden Pratt

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/20/2021

Round Number: 33487

Rules Broken: No Powergaming | Be Excellent to Each Other | Head of Staff Conduct

Incident Description:

Aden Pratt, as captain, uploaded one-human law to AI, at round start. Ordered the roboticist to create mechs and borgs with weapons “to be their personal army”. Generally childish, validhuntey behaviour.

I was a late join RD, saw the situation and questioned the captain. They then said that “Centcom was really happy about what he did”, and others.

Additional Information:
attaching some screenshots

BeeStation Sage - Roleplay Correctional Frontier Eleven_2

This probably needs an admin looking into logs, since I was late to join and needs more information. All in all, a pretty awful experience.

IT SHOULD BE NOTED, to be fair, that nothing went majorly wrong in the shift, but this is not a behaviour that should be had by a captain. He behaved as this other captain that was recently involved in a drama due to childish/protagonist behaviour.





I support your bumping, countless reports get drowned in sea of others.

Admin will at least view this today hopefully


cheeky almost 1 month bump

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@GameAdmin please for the love of god at least assign someone who will have time

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Alright here is my opinion with the given information…

  • First of all that’s not even a onehuman. It does not specify to prevent or cause harm to any one specific class or individual. It simply provides a role model for the AI to emulate.
  • I’m going to say that powergaming isn’t applicable either. It does not state in the lawset provided to hunt the valid, nor any specifics beyond “don’t do anything the captain wouldn’t do.”
  • SOP wise changing the AI’s laws is contingent on another head of staff agreeing, so that might be worth looking into, and that would be the only possible Head conduct issue that I see unless you’re looking at something specific.

Gimmick lawsets aren’t disallowed under the rules, obviously if things go wrong because of them then the uploader can be held responsible. Reading this lawset it seems that there isn’t really any major gap that would be terribly exploitable. It sets grounds for AI behavior emulating the captain both before and after the captain’s death, protects the station from threats, and provides for station productivity.

That’s my read on the lawset.

I do understand your points, but powergaming is tied to captain ordering combat mechs and the borg army without any threats, in green alert.

iirc, they also were borging people for minor crimes, but I may be misremembering.

Captain was powertripping and being an annoyance to most of the crew, his actions didn’t provide anything of value for anyone but himself, and AFAIK, that’s a no no as command.

I was robo that round, can confirm the captain ordered borging for two traitors and one was carried out. Although I think they were declared EOTC beforehand


This would have been very worth mentioning in the initial report.

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I did for the mechs/borg army part!

Alright. I finally dug the logs up.

  • demoting HOP and putting AI effectively as his 2IC
  • Giving HOP “Captain’s authority” which I can only presume includes execution authorization.
  • attempted, or actual, brainwashing of people using nanites to convert them into security forces.

Those are the highlights. User was already banned for a different issue and has not appealed. A note has been applied.