Aden Finlay Player Report

CKEY: MightyMikey

Your Discord: Jo Gy#4149

Offender’s CKEY:Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Aden Finlay

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09.21.2022

Round Number: 40503

Rules Broken: Violating against Space law

Incident Description: I saw security arresting people, i just watched them and then for 2 second fart emoted over the cuffed guy they want to arrest just for a little humor, i quickly moved out of the way then so i dont block them in their duty, later on i followed them to brigg because my fellow chemist was one of the prisoners and i wanted to complain to let them free for maximal chemistry efficency! One of the officers slipped and lost a prisoner, i almost wanted to catch the prisoner for her, but im just a chemist and thats not my duty, later when we finally arrived in brigg, security dragged me into brigg without a warning or reason, then aden finlay starts flashing me 2 times , i didnt resist was mainly just surprised and shocked standing there, then he started batoning me also without a warning or saying anything, i took the hits without resisting, then they put me to prison for 10 minutes without explaining me why, they just said i helped prisoner escape even though i didnt do anything besides watching how the officer slipped on wet floor losing the prisoner, i just saw that. i didnt help anyone neither did i touch anyone or anything.

Additional Information:
i want to add that usualy when the prisoner is already standing there locked in brigg you just say get on the floor or say be cooperative, since we even were on GREEN!!! But he just flashed me and batoned me down, i didnt even resist or run away…This is shitsecing of a high niveau and as i saw him around often he should know the rules a bit better then that. I was no Antag i literaly behaved like a civilian


The events described here (arrest portion) occurred after Aden fought a mob of seemingly random people attacking with lethal intent, he was likely jumpy and may have thought you belonged to said mob.


Yes, but also cap told me the guy helped the syndie Glorya Northley escape while he was dragging her to brig and ordered their arrest. That, plus the medical mob caused by the hivemind made me go for a brig time.

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And as for the context, cap, officer Baker and I are in the hallway above medbay, we see a mob of medical personnel sawing a cargo techie, some are watching, some are killing.
We subdue the attackers, Gloria Northley decide to pull a syndie hardsuit as we’re securing the prisonners. Penwin escapes due to Hivemind shenanigans, at this point paranoia sets in.
Cap and I chase Gloria to maints and manage to slap cuff on them while Mikael just watches, then does his little bit of funny RP. Cap handle the prisonner, I go back to brig to help with the prisonners.
I see the rest of the crowd that was outside medbay outside the brig cells. Cap says over sec comm Mikael helped Gloria escape, I see Mikael, I go arrest him. Ten minute sentence. That’s it. Yes, I didn’t ask him to freeze and come inside. Yes, I was paranoid about the rest of the loiterers, and I did explain the brigging reasons: Cap’ said you helped X escape, so you’re aiding and abetting, same sentence (contraband possesion).

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I could have understand that, if i would have done anything, i was like 10 seconds around, and besides the fart emote i did nothing. Because theres a mob, i dont think it’s cool to arrest anyone whos near them on green alert.

The Cap slipped on her way to brigg, i was like 6 tiles away and saw how the syndie ran away, im a chemist im not here to catch people, i even tried to help by getting her up. (Im not sure if it was the Cap or the Officer both had blue Hair) also i didnt Riot or resist, i was alone standing there and you flashed me 2 times and batoned me down. You could have just aim at me with the Disabler and “Get down now” i would have dropped asap

It was a huge mistake of the cap i dont deny it, i saw how she said i helped, i helped, i helped, but it was you who got me down like i am a real criminal. If i would have helped the syndies, why would i Show up unarmed at brigg, none of you guys even explained me why, i asked how did i help the syndies??? And you guys just said : you helped escape over and over. This was realy fucking my round, since i lost 10 minutes + you left us to die with the xenos, cuz as soon as i got out, i got killed by them.

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Alrighty lets break this down. From what I can tell here, is that the report was in regards to spacelaw being wrongfully applied.

From what I can tell you were running around security for quite a bit. Saying things like “What did he dooo”. Generally the HOS (Tamumus) just obeyed the orders they were given by the captain, to arrest you for helping a syndicate escape. Which wasn’t necessarily the case because both slipped on the floor.

I don’t really see what the HOS did wrong here. They got told by the captain to arrest you. The HOS then gave you a 10 minutes sentence for aiding the traitor escape. Which is fine considering that the sentence for being a syndicate agent is 10 minutes and aiding someone escaping makes them receive the same punishment that the guy who they helped escape, had. He then even called the captain to the brig to let them sort that out.

I’d consider all of this situation to be basically IC.