Adding Tackle glove from the TG codebase

I would like to see these added because they are very fun to use on fulp and I think they would make a good addition. Also we could add the function to add tape to any type of gloves to make makeshift tackle gloves.
I think this would be a good addition as well because tg and fulp have this but with only black gloves I believe.
Anyways this concludes my suggestion.
Have a good day!

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Honestly man? The suggestion segment of the forums is either for community change propositions or for any feedback on the thing YOU are coding. All the “i would like to see someone make this” suggestions are really only looked at either on github or when you actually do it yourself. Though since we started talking bout tackle gloves, mind telling me what they do and why they good?

They add something different for security to apprehend people and they can be used for stuff like dodging and and chasing people down