Add wig to beecoin shop

and also jabroni outfit and geisha dress


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Would be nice if you could start with the rice hat so it can complement my viet rice farmer character.


I want wig so I can do my roundstart lizard/etherial-with-a-wig meme

I hate bald people…

just grow some hair you nerd smh…

ethereals can’t grow hair

more like you’re bald lol!

Michiru can’t cope with being bald

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I guess I’m just bald and fat now

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MRP players will really say this and then complain about immersion but also refuse to go play on lrp


Wig sounds fun for bald character. Or augmented person that still wants to have some sort of hair on their characters head.

Jabroni outfit is already in the shop.

of course YOU would be the one to know that…

I mean I wear it every round so yeah.

are you a michiru bot or something with how you keep bumping dead threads

I’m glad this thread got bumped because I still want it. Please headmins approve wig in beecoin shop!!

I’m not

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