Add "Vouches" to the game ban appeals template

Simple as, there is no mention of a needed “vouch” mentioned on the ban appeals template.
They’re never included on the initial appeals and they’re important so it just seems like an oversight that the template doesn’t mention it anywhere on the page.


Vouches are the exception as they’re only needed for permabans that don’t include ‘explain on the forum’

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And yet we see frequent need to have vouches brought, then shoot people down for not having them ready when asked.

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To be fair, it is on our rules page that perma bans require a vouch so isn’t them (not everyone, i mean, just people who don’t) not including it, kinda on them?

Could easily have it be something like this. Should also make it known that appeal on forums permas are a separate types of bans.

Appeal on Forums Ban(Yes/No):

Vouches(Needed for Permaban appeal, Disregard if AoF):

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