Add spinach

make it make you punch hard or some shit idk


I would be okay with a spinach reagent that increase unarmed damage while it’s being processed. That’s the sort of gimmick botany/chef needs.


Im always down for Chef getting more stuff to do/use

There being actual buff food for chef would be pretty neat. Currently botany can make way more useful things than kitchen can ever hope to produce, which is fine in terms of RP, but then again a lot of the game does not revolve around RP. It also would help to make chefs food more desirable, making it something desired not only for people that want to rp in bar or to get rid of your hunger debuff.

While we’re on the subject of greens, the kitchen could use to start with a bit more than just meat, dairy, and flour. A fridge of basic fruits and veggies would not be amiss.

The chef does spawn with a box in his inventory of random ingredients but the idea is youre suppoused to ask for stuff from botany.

Problem with that is they are either growing super weed death knettle and dont give a shit or they dont actually do anything productive until thirty minutes into the round because they want gold trays.

I prefer to do a few bounties for cargo and then order food crates from them.

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Or they are just missing, because in lowpop theres no botanists usually. People always forget lowpop exists.

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In that case ask the HOP for some botany access.

Oh wait there is no HOP because its lowpop and the Cap is trying to stop the super matter from exploding. XD

effects with traits:
electrical activity: deal additional burn damage
bluespace activity: teleport target away