Add Perma No Hands Assistant Ban Role

Okay so the only way to come out of a perma ban is to get a vouch from a server. How ever some peoples reasons for being perma’d are not as bad as others and I believe instead of immediately condemning and demonizing players. I would like to suggest that we enter a new form of punishment that is Cruel but fair. Add a role that can only be toggled by admins on a player like a reverse job ban. Make them assistants with no hands and basically pacify them.


  • Keeps around players instead of making it another servers problem
  • Players who have been around for awhile and have knowledge can still assist new players
  • They can no longer grief without hands
  • A valid punishment while also retaining players
  • Makes them learn a valid lesson while FORCING role play


  • Basically makes them a bambi
  • Assistants will most likely make every other job a minority
  • Keeps around shitty people who can still minge in ooc/text
  • If this gets passed could be a lot of blanket situations that happen involving past bans if admins cherry pick certain appeals
  • You can still ERP with no hands

Please if you have any more pros/cons or want to simply add to this let me know


Oh, you’d be surprised


I wouldn’t bee surprised this is ss13 we are talking a boot here.
Adding force pacify would be a very quick way to determine people who have good intentions

This only serves to take up an Assistant slot, and include a player that physically cannot interact with the round in a positive way. If someone did something to actually warranted this, they’d likely deserve of a temp-ban anyway.
It also seems like another attempt to revive something like the cat-ban from Hippie.
I appreciate the spirit of the idea - trying to force people to roleplay - but this isn’t the way to do it. I think it’s also pretty naive to think that people can’t griff with no hands, and that this would make no-rp-griff players more inclined to RP.
I could break down each of your specific arguments, but the general thrust would just be covered with what I wrote above.
A better idea - which I still wouldn’t support - would be actual pacification, a Peace Implant, which already exists in the code.

You can still ERP with no hands


why not just go full scale chad mode and force them to spawn in with no limbs what so ever?

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Yeah you pretty much nailed my idea down honestly If this did happen I hope it would force role play in a way. Most assistants only assist with the destruction of security/station so its not like there is any other reason to have the role. Even though people are shit I still hold on to hope that they can change or at least be made to be productive.

This could also work

inb4 local man just goes to robo and gets the robo to give him arms.

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it would need to be a hardcoded new species type mob that is alike a human, just unable to ever have limbs

call it the nugget

make them edible


you can still drag stuff around without hands

This is not true, as clearly outlined in the original fucking post, reading comprehension machine broke.

They couldn’t grief THAT hard besides being a minor annoyance, and definitely not without help.

This is actually a based suggestion that will get ignored because it’s too unorthodox.

Arent those infinite?

Please help me fill the pros and cons list this has some very good potential all we need to do is get the ball rolling

the unity of shitters is strong, so they would seek out roboticist and they’ll get hands right away.

You act like there is not way to stop that from happening. Maybe instead of shitting all over the idea actually contribute to a way that would prevent or fix that problem.

but… beton is making a good statement, bruh shitter unity is extreme this would stop nothing it would take about 2 minutes if i got no arm banned to get arms back and then i could go back to shitting

Maybe instead of shitting all over the idea actually contribute to a way that would prevent or fix that problem.

You know how to read right?

Can we not just offer anything but pAi and ghost bans?

Listen guys if your just here to be a Negative Nancy Druid then just fuck right off, seriously.