Add Moth simple names to Sage's Naming guideline

Note: this is specifically for sage as this is already allowed on golden

Final attempt at a discussion of this before I give up on everything.

The topic of Moths having simple names on Sage has been weirdly hostile and the justification of banning them and enforcing the Latin only name policy seems to only have the justification of “It’s always been this way”

Tried to request this in a bulk thread and either got ignored due to TL;DR or… other reasons…
Anyway, I’m going to focus specifically on this and I’ll expand on my previous arguments.

There were 2 sects on the home world in the currently assumed lore (unless changed recently), of which the currently enforced rules can apply to the higher sect, meaning addition, not removal.

My idea was to attach simple names to the lower sect, this gives a distinct separation of the two and can even be used to drive character conflict in game due to the events of the home world (even if it is many generations afterwards), open/hidden distrust? a sense of brotherhood despite it?
I would suggest adding such info to the Moth wiki page if accepted so that at least moth players are aware of the history and can act on it if they want to.

I believe that both sects can exist in the current timeline after making it off the home world as I think it only states that the regime was toppled and not fully wiped out to the last. (Citation needed)
Both could have kept to them self or joined as one, either way they still named their young based on the previous division (as it would be naming after their own)

As for actual convention?
(non offensive, non pop culture) One word concept or treasured possession, typically of the parent, that have a deep meaning to the character. Relation to but not outright use of cliché words such as lamp (Fascination of lights, eating cloth/clothing, moth related gimmicks or thematics)

My own, Sunburnt, half lore half joke: Father was hired to be a shuttle pilot, guess how well that went, poor sod flew into a star. Named in… honor…? of him. serves as both memory and warning of impulses, core concept of the character.

Tablecloth: Treasured item, family were able to keep one. what does this tell us? Strong mental fortitude? an abundance of food, a well off family?

Sunrise/Daybreak (Happy, jovial, positive?)
Sunset/Eclipse (Moody, quiet, negative?)
Torch/Candle(stick) (lamp but not)


I will admit, as much as I like Lightbulb (the player), it is a bit on the nose and would suggest avoidance of full cliché names and use of more subtle ones.
One that seemed to be defended (and I agree with) was Sandal, granted the poll was anon and could have just been golden votes so take with grain of salt.
Very basically, Sandal is a type of footwear, moths like eating shoes, there’s a degree of separation and should be valued for that.

Use names as an entry point into finding out about someone, history, motivation, flaws?
Something I feel is lacking with the Latin names. I couldn’t see someone asking in game “Oh why did you get named Nomen Latine?” because there probably wouldn’t be a (proper) answer most of the time or just “Oh they looked up a dictionary”.

With simple names, you can easily make a unique, memorable name which can then have meaning attached to it with the simple question “Why?”.

TL:DR. Why its good for the game
-Gives choice and makes some of the player base happy without sacrifice
-Tie character to the name
-(Expands)/(makes use of) the lore of the race (2 sects, 2 cultures, 1 species)
-Create conflict between both sects (hostile or not)

Just ask if you want me to expand or clarify on anything.
I’ll try and attach a non anon poll below this if I can work out how.

Very well. So be it, I’m not going to lie down and take the removal of my poll and constructive criticism without fighting, must I martyr myself over this? Because I can and will if necessary.

Poll Restored, please vote again the 2 of you who added your vote to only the embedded one.


Hehe. Big bright lamp go brr.

In all seriousness though.

Just use pig latin.

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I like that idea of introducing various schemes within moths to appease multiple people

Having only one really only makes sense with oozelings, as even human culture far from settles on anything.

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Opinion of simple names on Sage
  • I play or would wish to play as a simple named Moth
  • Acceptable if creative
  • Neutral on the topic
  • Not acceptable under any circumstances

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I think naming conventions are a real waste of time and don’t promote good and unique character building. It also doesn’t make sense when NT clearly has an incredibly diverse staff who probably all live on planets together and all have varying cultures. If a moth is from a planet where it’s normal to be named Sandal, literally just let them be Sandal. If it’s not a name directly from pop culture and isn’t offensive, I don’t see the problem at all. If anything a moth having to shoehorn in some dumb dead language to get their cool name they thought of to work takes me out of the experience.


NGL though its a little strange they only have latin names, this would imply that there name is just there species name.Which we dont call people that play human homosapians as there IC name

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Thread has been cleaned of posts using this as a platform to complain about naming policy as a whole, or branching from those off topic posts.

Keep the thread about moths and the suggested convention, and keep your issues with the broader policy out of the thread.

Naming policy is never going away on Sage

That out of the way, I like this guideline and it fits the criteria I had previously requested - thank you for spending the time plotting it out.

You heard him lads. Foot is in the door, help me forge a guideline that satisfies both staff and those who wish to use it.

Light based thematic such as my own and;
treasured possession typically made of fibrous material (or just the material)

Those are the ideas i’m currently floating but may require narrowing.
Additions to the example list of names would be welcome as well as discussion of such list.

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god, just add this for clarity since there are like 50 moths named acco and can’t tell who

also would be cool to see ic racism where a Latin name moth would show negativity to a “noun” name moth


Do mine: Nutella also post is 20 characters long

Ill be 100% honest, we probably won’t be able to get brand names or the likes through a filter.
If it were changed to chocolate or cocoa you might have a chance then.

Also, I say just leave the random name generator as is and just use a wiki list or something if people want to use/make up their own simple name using examples from that (or have a link pointed to this in archive).

Got a slightly longer list.
Still on the idea of Light themed words and possessions a moth might hold in high regard.

Things that are/produce light (preferably nouns altho some adjectives and verbs could still work)
Edit: Themes of the lack of light may be possible too if you want a moodier sounding name

Many a word that starts with “Sun”. May be an issue if everyone that voted chooses such but should still be fine
Lavalamp (might be fine?)
one of the 3 kinds of Nova?
Wisp (Suggestion)

Edit: Added a couple named after in game items
Hardhat (Engi main?)
Cigar (HOS/Sec?)

Fabric Item examples (please dont add/use articles of clothing that are personal/obscene)
Jumper (Pull over/Sweater in the US?)
(Oven)Mitt (Would 100% name a chef moth this)
Duvet(fun mime name?)/Quilt

Couple examples that may fall under moth themed but not covered by above
maybe even shorter (nickname) versions of scientific names?
Edit: Picked out a few more english dubbed moth names that could work
Chocolate (found one for you play)
Shark? ok
Flare (moved down)

(for clarity and warning, Juniper may get you Chrono’d or banned sadly, especially if you use their full name)

Updated the list and I’m kinda tapped out for examples, so unless anyone has more to add I guess this is on standby for vetting/feedback. @Ruko and/or any other staff involved in such a process.

Also to note. I chose not to list these examples due to bias but (from personal memory) the “currently” used simple names that were removed from sage are:
Sunburnt (me)
Sandal (@Bebes_kidz)
Lightbulb (Unknown)
Nutella (IPlayforss13 -Golden?) (Unlikely, sorry)
Franky T (Unknown) Will probably cover in human name topic.
(Please inform me if I missed any and ill edit in if not too late)

To refine the guidelines slightly (Open to staff feedback):

Single word that is related closely to the following:

  • Light themed things or phenomena

  • Possessions a moth might hold in high regard (Typically fabric in nature but not required if it fits)

  • English version or nickname of Moth names that could work as stand alone names (secondary priority to the 2 above)

  • Nothing obscene, offensive or pop culture/referential (Obviously)

(Bonus points if it doubles up and also relates in some way to the role you typically fill too?)

Sorry to bump but I fear I may have broken the pings due to rampant editing.

Just wish to double check if this is currently under consideration by staff.

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My moth that I have been playing for my entire time on ss13 is named Horatio Mortland and I have not yet been bwoinked over the name. So I guess you can have a normal name if you…?

Judging from recent bans, its more a matter of time before you are singled out next.

I do still wish that any race could choose a human name, or more specifically, have one chosen for them. There is precedent for it happening in the real world, it wouldn’t surprise me it if happened in the far future too, doubly so for alien species.
Its something I plan on appealing as well but 1 step at a time for now, I cant even promise that this one will get through.

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I think everybody was into this idea, can we have this now?

No. Also I like Moths having regulated names. Albeit there should be more leeway . They should still be somewhat connected to the whole moth theme though.

it’s not really removing the policy just changing it a little, i think it’s suitable and could open up some interesting dynamics between a simple name and latin name moth

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Moths eat shoes and clothes, let moths have simple one word clothes names from moth planet. I was asking for the other naming policy, what are you talking about?